Monday, April 4, 2011

God speaking thru another song

When our daughter went thru her battle with cancer, God taught us me so much.  One day hopefully, I will get it all written down as a testament to His Grace, Power, and Love.

One lesson that was inexplicable was joy in the midst of fear and craziness.  Seeing God move in ways that we would never have thought to have asked of Him.  And then the realization that the journey (altho I would never in a million years wish it on another family and every time I hear of another child diagnosed with cancer my heart cries for them) was so much of a blessing.

Yes, if we could have learned the lessons that we did without the diagnosis and treatments for Maggie, the separation of our family to different places, the confusion for Jared and so many other "bad things" that would have been great.  I knew tho, that I sometimes need some big kicks in my backside.

But I got to see so many blessings thru raindrops.  Sometimes we have to open up our eyes a little wider to see what God is wanting to bless us with in ways that we never expected.

 So, if you are struggling and asking for God to move in a certain way and God doesn't answer in the way you want, OPEN your eyes (and heart) a little wider and see how He IS working and moving and changing things around and in you for HIS glory.  So many times it is in the ways we least expect!

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  1. I think one of every parent's worst fears is for their child to be sick. I am sorry you went through this, but I am glad you learned from it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to reading yours!


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