Sunday, April 10, 2011

I was Featured!

Vanessa and Heather from

chose to feature me and my wee little blog.  I have grown to love them (from afar! :) ) and their blog as not only to they share their creative projects that they are working on but also their love for Jesus and their families.  I feel like I "fit" with them.

What makes this feature so special to me is that they wanted to feature me for my "inspirational" posts.  Me!  Me?  Really....ME?

As I continue to figure out this blogging stuff and determine the direction (if any!) that God wants me to go with this,  I'd love to hear what you like and (gently) what you don't.  And if you really like me, would you click on "follow".

It would mean so much!

Oh, I've got more projects coming.  Spring has finally come and I'm so excited!  The grass is green and I do mean GREEN!  We actually grilled out for the first time last night and ate out on the deck.  Got out all of our outdoor furniture, planted some seeds, had a fire and the kids ate smores!  This past week was our Spring Break so that was a nice way to end a quiet Spring Break!

Better go get ready for church!


  1. It was our "privilege" to have a chance to feature you Rachel. We are inspired by you! Thank you for letting us share your story with our readers and it warms our heart to know you feel like you "fit" with us! Maybe someday we can have a big get together, wouldn't that be fun!? How wonderful is it to know that regardless if we ever meet each other in this life, we will spend eternity together?! How great it is to belong to the body of Christ! Have a beautiful Sunday.


  2. I read both blogs so that was fun to see the 'two' join together. take care and blessings to you all.


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