Tuesday, April 26, 2011

YAY and Yikes all rolled into one!

This past fall  - after Maggie was off all of her meds and it seemed like things could be "normal", I started asking to teach again.  When she was diagnosed, I was scheduled to teach and had to get out of it.  I have (overall) really enjoyed teaching at the college level.  Sometimes they can drive me crazy but overall I have had some really great students.

Anyway, back to the fall.  I started emailing the University I teach for to see if there were any classes in my area that I could teach.  There was nothing.  Then back in November (I think it was) I was asked to teach a class that would start in January and go 5 weeks.  Great.  Sign me up.  Then a couple weeks after that I got an email asking if I would teach a class that starts the last week of the first class and is on Wed nights.  (Wednesdays are a tough day in this house as Rod works Wed nights at church)  We talked it over and worked it out with the grandparents and I accepted.  THEN I was asked to teach a class that is in a city that is a little over an hour away that started the week after the second class ended.  Rod and I talked it over and I agreed to teach it.

With the roof, windows and siding that we had to do,  I knew I wanted to help with replenishing our savings account.  So I ended up teaching for 15 weeks - longer than a full semester.  Three different classes and classes are designed to go from 6-10pm one night a week.  Some students were "needier" than others - others were a joy to work with.  I had some interesting situations that happened within the class.

So after 15 weeks....I am finally done!  I just turned in grades for my final class!  YAY! I can breathe again and no more super late nights driving home!  Woohoo! :)

Well, now all of a sudden it has hit me.  J's birthday is this weekend.  We will be doing a couple of parties for him (family and friends).  But next week (Mother's Day weekend) is the garage sale for our subdivision!  I have no idea why they chose Mother's day weekend, but it is.  I get so exhausted doing the garage sale on that particular weekend.

I wasn't sure if I would do a garage sale.  But Rod and I finally decided that we would.  Oh, I mean I would.

Yes.  So much fun! So in the next 10 days I get to plan a "knight" party for some boys, make a bunch of goodies for school parties and all the other parties AND put together my garage sale.

Yet here I sit.

Here is a tiny little project the kids and I did at the end of Spring Break a couple of weeks ago.

 We planted some seed packets into some egg cartons we had.  Most of them are herbs but a few are flowers.
My Cilantro (closest) and my basil (right behind) are growing really well. :)

I am thinking about putting them into these:
I've had these old vintage canisters for years.  I've saved them knowing I wanted to do something with them....I just wasn't sure what.  Now, I am thinking of using them for my herbs.  What do you think?

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  1. Wow! You have been a busy lady Rachel and no rest for the weary now huh? :-) I love the idea of putting your herbs in those vintage canisters! Too cute!


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