Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bible Memory Verse Pillows and a Giveaway! :)

Oh, you all!  I am so excited! :)

Somehow since I started blogging, I did the blog hopping thing and ran across some really creative women that put me in awe.  There are some that love to write about their relationship with Jesus.  The ones that I really love to "blog stalk" are the ones that combine the two.

I first ran into Cha Cha's blog when she posted about her homeschooling desk that I fell in love with!

I would love to do a desk like this in our house and get rid of this hideous monstrosity that I am working from at this very moment.  But I digress!

When Cha Cha showed these on her blog I immediately LOVED them:

These beautiful pillows are Bible Memory Verse Pillows and aren't they gorgeous?

She came up with this idea as she would write our verses for her girls on index cards.... but then where do you keep the cards?  So she created these pillow covers  with pockets so that the kids can work on their verses while leaning back on these adorable pillows.

Well, Cha Cha asked for people to review these gorgeous pillow covers and I jumped at the chance offered to review it and she sent me one.  I got to pick which one I wanted!  I decided to pick one for Jared.  He is my great reader and bible verse memorizer and he has often felt left out in our family b/c of life situations.  

This is how it came.  See, she even put a cute little ribbon on it! :)  I chose one that is a map.

Here is Jared with his new pillow.

She also includes 3 Memory Verse cards in them as well!   He told me when we were doing our "photo shoot" that he read his verses before he got out of bed! GRIN!

So here is the exciting news!  Cha Cha is going to give one Bible Memory Verse Pillow Cover to one follower of Big Lives! :)

Plus, all Big Lives followers can use the code BIGFAITH to get 30% off their order at her Etsy shop!  So even if you don't win the Giveaway, you can still get the pillow covers for your kids! 

So go check out Cha Cha at her blog:  Sit Relax and Read

Here is how to enter:  FIRST you must be a Big Lives Follower.

Then there are 6 ways to enter.  Comment HERE when you have done one of the six (or each one of the six) on the list!

1. Comment on favorite design
2. Follow her blog Sit Relax and Read
3. Follow Sit Relax and Read on Twitter
4. Like Sit Relax and Read on Facebook
5. Favorite my Etsy shop Cha Cha's Treasure 
6. Blog about giveaway
7. Tweet about giveaway

The winner will be randomly chosen on June 21st!

Good luck!


  1. Beautiful, you are so good to me.

    Thank you,
    Cha Cha

  2. I'm following on Twitter!

  3. I'm a Big Lives follower now!

  4. I would love one of those! We have a kiddo with bad dreams. I hung up verses on her wall, but that would be even closer!!! :-) Cool idea!
    Sabrina White

  5. Great idea!! Love the "Map" pillow but really like the "Tractor" pillow.
    Love the idea of having Bible verses so close and convenient to review..

  6. The verse pillows are a great idea!

    I follow you through FeedDemon.

  7. I have also added ChaCha to my favorite etsy shops.

  8. Love these pillows even though my daughter is still too young (2) to read it's never too early for Bible verses! My favorite is the purple and white pompom! (having trouble posting with google so hope this works)

  9. I am a follower with Google Reader...

  10. I now "like" her on FB and added her as a fave on etsy!

  11. I actually really like Jared's pillow! We are military and move a lot so I like "world" stuff.

  12. following sit relax and read blog :)

  13. my fave pillow on etsy is the blue and green plaid one :)

  14. i like sit relax and read on facebook :)

  15. Great idea! Love it!


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