Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Several weeks I ago I whined shared with you about how Rod and I are doing the "low carb" diet together.  You can read about that here.  We've continued with it.  Only once did I "cheat" and that was when we went to Logan's (steakhouse).  How anyone can go there and not eat one of those yummy rolls I'll never know.  Ok, Rod did but he is so ANTI-carb....   Anyway............   I allowed myself to eat one AFTER I ate my chicken, grilled veggies and salad.  JUST ONE!  I was pretty proud that I didn't eat the whole stinkin' basket! :)

Doing low carb, we have found that one snack that we can eat is nuts and we have been devouring them.  We get these big cannisters from the store and then we are left with an empty bin with a seal-able top.  So I started saving them.  I figured I could use them for something.  I saved them on my kitchen counter.  Rod got tired of seeing them there.  In his defense, there were 4 of them (I told you we've been eating lots of them!) and they are not small containers.

So this is what I did with them
I decided to Mod Podge some scrapbook paper onto the fronts.  I did the middle one and left one for the kids stuff and the right one is for the kitchen.  The kitchen one holds our sugar "substitute".

When Jared saw what I had done he asked if he could have one of the bins and I asked him what he would store in it.   He said his Nerf bullets.  So he took his bin to the basement (playroom) and gathered all of the "bullets" he could find.  I went downstairs and grabbed it so I could show it off.

I do not have one of those cool vinyl machines to print off some cool labels.  No cricut or silhouette here.  So I thought I'd show you it without my personal handwriting on them.  

There you go. 

Oh!    Yes, I am losing weight doing the low-carb and I am by no means an expert on weight-loss and do not recommend low-carb for everyone.  It has been recommended to me by my doctors in the past as I am "pre-diabetic" or more prone to develop diabetes in the future.  I've lost about 15-20 lbs so far!  Remind me to share about looking at some pics of myself.  Maybe if I get the courage up I'll even share the pics.  :)

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  1. I am currently obsessed with Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds. You should try them if you haven't already.

    I like your repurposed containers -- cute!

  2. Those look cute. I have never mod podged with scrap paper..how is it? The texture is thicker than paper so I was leery. Yours turned out cute. THanks for joining my newbie party.

  3. you could post a picture of the new you in front of the new house :) congrats!


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