Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

On this Easter morning instead of being in church celebrating His resurrection, I am home with a sick boy and a little girl who gets to stay home with us.

So this morning we read from my favorite children's Bible and the kids just watched Veggie Tales Easter Carol.  We tried doing Resurrection Rolls but well, ummm... you need fresh marshmallows not old ones.  Mags still ate them, Jared isn't sure his tummy is ready for all of that.  My ham is in the oven and we are getting ready to have my parents here after church.

It is so hard for me to grasp how much He loves us me.  I caught a glimpse of the enormity and reality of His LOVE and am reminded of that often.

I was in the hospital taking care of Maggie.  I was feeling overwhelmed and lost.  We had spent many days and nights in the hospital together.  If I remember right, this was during her second stemcell transplant and Maggie was suffering pretty badly.  She was "sleeping" heavily then b/c of the intensity of her pain.  She wasn't talking b/c the mouth sores hurt too bad and she kept her eyes closed b/c the little stubs of eyelashes kept falling off and bothering her eyes.  By this time I had watched her suffer a lot.  I had seen her almost overdose on morphine (which was incredibly scary), I had watched her go thru radiation and surgeries, I had given her so many shots.  I had cleaned up vomit and diarrhea (side effects of the chemo) so many times.... I had been witness to it all.

On that day, I wanted someone who understood what it was like to watch their child suffer and feel so incredibly helpless.

Then I thought of a Father and His Son, Jesus.

God watched His Son be beaten and whipped and betrayed and crucified.  He just watched.

However, He could have stopped it.  But at that moment, God  chose to love you and me more than His own Son!  I can't honestly imagine that kind of love.  I would have done ANYTHING to take away the cancer that was eating away at my daughter and save her from all of that pain.  ANYTHING.   But He didn't and He could have.

He chose to save us from the sin cancer that eats away at our souls by giving us the atoning blood of Jesus.

So on this Easter morning, may you know that you are loved by the God that not only created you but also sent Jesus the Rescuer to show you His Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.

And because Maggie asked for this song..... :)   May you know the joy of being delivered by the rescuer!  This is the song that we would play loud and dance to when she was in treatment and would pray for God to deliver her from cancer.  God wants to deliver each of us from our sin cancer! :)

Remember that Easter has nothing to do with a bunny but a Rescuer and I pray that you will KNOW Him!

Go Live BIG!

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  1. Great post today...and great story about you and Maggie...I needed to hear that this morning.

  2. We did resurrection rolls too, such a fun project.

    Although I haven't watched my children go through any thing as serious as cancer, I have found that I have learned more about God since becoming a parent than in all my 29 years before I was a parent.

  3. As always, God knew just what you needed in that moment and you thought of him and Jesus...sweet comfort, I'm sure: ) I saw what a stem cell transplant did to my mom--to have it done twice, to be a child...can not imagine. Blessings to you and your beautiful family!


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