Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Gift

My dear hubby, Rod, is an avid Sunday morning comics reader - altho he reads them Sunday afternoon.  This reading tends to be the only reading that he does unless it is some tech magazine about worship in churches.....but I still love him.  :)

Anyway, the Sunday before Christmas Rod handed me the comics and said "Read Baby Blues.  This is how I feel."

Baby Blues showed the dad in a store and he tells the store clerk that he is looking for a present for his wife that fully expresses how thankful for he is for her.  He goes into much more detail about what he wants this gift to express.  Finally the store clerk looks at him and says "we don't have that here".  The dad says "do you have any push up bras?"

Are you hard to buy for as well?  I guess I have never been one for Christmas lists.  Even as a child, while my sister looked thru catalogs and wrote a LONG, detailed list of all the things she wanted for Christmas, I would simply tell my parents "Surprises".  I wanted to be surprised on Christmas morning as to what was under the wrapping paper.  I think the Christmas list take the surprise (and some fun) out of Christmas.

So, poor Rod struggles trying to come up with a gift for his wife.  We didn't really do much for Christmas presents this year and I think that we were ok with that.  We know that we have all that we need and God has blessed us so much.

So, we said that we would take a get-away together soon.  We haven't done that for almost 2 years.  I'd say it's about time. :)  How do you and your spouse do Christmas?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas

Last week was full of craziness and I wish that the craziness was JUST Christmas related.  But, alas, no.  Jared, Maggie and I were all sick.  I wont get into the gory details (and I am sure that you will appreciate that!), but J was sick the weekend before Christmas, Maggie was sick Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and well I was sick Wednesday until Saturday night.  Oh, and then we are having new windows installed.  Yes, one would normally have them done in warmer months but due to things out of our control, they are being done the weeks of Christmas and New Years.

I must admit that I did not handle being sick well on Christmas.  I missed out on some family fun and that was very hard.  There was a huge part of me that felt like after last Christmas we "deserved" a healthy Christmas.  Why should we deserve it any more than anyone else?  I don't know.  But it is what I wanted and it probably doesn't help that my family rarely gets sick.  I mean, besides cancer.  ;)  When Rod reminded me that last year we weren't sure if we'd have a Christmas this year ....things were put more into perspective but it still made me very sad and feeling left out to be missing out on Christmas activities especially with my sister's family as they were only in town for 3 days from Atlanta (We ended up together only a day and a 1/2)

But I did end up making some really good Cinnamon Rolls.  Yes, I know that is bragging but, MAN, they are GUUUOOOD! :)  I basically followed the recipe from  Pioneer Woman  but added brown sugar to the inside and made up my own cream cheese icing.  Her icing, altho I am sure that many people love it, for people like me who have anything BUT an affinity to coffee it sounded really,  So that was fun to experiment and indulge.

This year when we shared our Jesus stocking, I shared that I wanted to improve my prayer life.  I want to spend more time in prayer instead of just knowing that God already knows what is on my heart.  He wants to hear it from me anyway.  Also,  I want my children to "catch" me praying more.

I have many goals for this coming year and I am sure that I will be sharing them on here.  This blog is one of my goals.  I am wanting to really expand it.  How, I am not sure as my lack of computer intelligence is apalling.  Let me at the human brain and I can sit comfortably and decipher a personality out just fine.  But these stupid computers......  But I digress, yes, I have some goals about this blog......

Got some goals for 2011?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I'm sorry all that I haven't been more consistent.  The fun chaos of the Christmas spirit has hit our home.  My kitchen is a disaster - seriously, think that someone took Cinnamon and flour and had a fight with it.  Hopefully the chaos will come to an end today as the goodie bags for teachers must be made up today to be given tomorrow.  I think I have about 8 different things made up.  I have lost count as they are all stashed different places so that they wouldn't be eaten before being able to hand them out.

I am working on a couple of little craft projects....and if I knew that my family for sure wouldn't read this I would tell you all what they are.  Yes, I am goofy and I am a wee bit excited over these little craft things.  Hopefully I can make them look as good in reality as they are in my head.  That is usually my biggest problem translating what I see in my head into reality.  I will take pictures when they are completed and you can judge for yourselves! :)

I thought that I would share with you a Christmas tradition that my mom started when my sister and I were kids. My mom got an extra Christmas stocking and put "Jesus" on the stocking.  Every Christmas morning we would share what we were giving to Jesus that year.  We would write it out on a piece of paper and then we would all share what we were wanting to give to Jesus for the upcoming year.  Yes, I guess it is a bit like a New Year's resolution but when shared among the people that you spend the most time with and can hold you has hopefully more meaning.  But what I really like, is that it reminded us what Christmas is really about:  A king that humbled himself to be born in stable to live a faultless loving life to offer himself to save you and me.

I have a gold stocking set up with the other 4 red and green ones.  Our gold one is for Jesus.  It is a tradition that both my sister and I have kept.  Special memories and creates a time of intimacy and seriousness in all of the frivolity.  (Wow, that was a fancy schmancy word, huh? :)  )

Something new that I am going to try doing with my blog is reviewing books.  So stay tuned for that coming up soon ....hopefully (waiting for the book to arrive - it is a Christmas book so I REALLY hope it gets here soon!).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joy to the World

We've been listening to Christmas music a lot lately in the car.  Joy to the World came on.  As I sat listening, I really thought about the words.  As Christians we have the ultimate reason to have JOY!  Are we living our lives in a way that reflect that?  Even in the midst of life's scary, troubling and painful times - we can have JOY!  An unspeakable JOY!

So here are a couple of songs that reflect that.  Chris Tomlin's Joy to the World

Also, forgive me, but often when I think of Joy I think of this version of Joyful Joyful Lord We Adore Thee.  I wish I could do this song this way.  Joyful Joyful

Oh, to live life in an outward exuberance of the Joy that God can give when we allow Him! :)


By the way, Maggie's scan came back N.E.D.!!!  No Evidence of Disease!  Just one more reason to by joyful!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow is falling

Happy December!

Sorry that I haven't posted for awhile....It has been crazy.

Yesterday was Maggie's birthday.  So Sunday we had a friend party.  She had 8 of her friends come over for a Princess tea party!  I think everyone had fun but oh was I tired at the end of the day.  Grandparents came over at the end and we had the family party immediately after.  Seeing those girls all dressed up in Princess costumes and drinking lemonade from my antique tea cups was priceless.

I told Rod Monday night "Five years ago we were packing to go to the hospital for my scheduled C-section".  I can remember not being able to hold her for at least an hour because I had to be given a spinal and I literally couldn't move from my neck down.  So Rod laid her on my chest.  We named her after 3 of her great-grandmothers.  Margaret is for Rod's 2 grandmas (both of their names are derivatives of Margaret) and Laurette is my gramma. My Gramma was a strong woman: surivived polio, abuse and became a Christian late in life - she loved people and Jesus.  She loved to sing.  So does Maggie.  Maggie often sings.  I think she has a lot of my grandma in her. :)

As new parents, we never know the path that our children will take us on.  We don't have a clue all of the life lessons that our children will "teach" us.  I had no clue 5 years ago sitting in the hospital how much I would learn thru my little girl and how God would use some ugly monster cells to bring us all to know His Love in a much more intimate way.

Yesterday my little "big" girl fell asleep in my lap.  I made her take a nap so that she could stay up and watch "Rudolph".  I looked at her in my arms and saw my baby.  Oh how life has changed in 5 years!

What Lessons has God taught you using your children?