Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm old and not ashamed. Well, kinda.

I think that in the year plus battle we had with Maggie's foe I aged 15 years.  The sleep deprivation definitely didn't help.  Before, I had a few grays here and there that I would hide with my "highlights" pretty easily.

It isn't that easy anymore.

The grays are becoming more abundant.

However, I figure I earned them.  They are mine.  I have had the life experience that gives a person these.  I am ok with that.

At the same time......I don't have to keep them.  So this morning I am going thru my regular (now) ritual of coloring my hair.

I am not sure that I like this product as it seems more messy.  It doesn't help that I am messy when I color my hair anyway.  I got this one free when the company was giving away coupons for a free box.

So hopefully in about 15 minutes I will appear younger than I did last night.

Getting old isn't bad.  It is the looking and feeling older than I am that is!   Smile!

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  1. hiya , i love how a a little box like that can make us feel soooo good x really puts a spring in your step ? tfs


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