Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

Some things that I love:

1.  Ponytails.

These are pics of Maggie from today in her first ponytail that stayed.  Yes she needed barrettes to help but it has stayed.  Please ignore the laundry that needs to be put away.  Laundry definitely doesn't make this list.

For your general information,  Maggie and I went to the elementary school yesterday for "kindergarten round up".  She is officially signed up. :)  Two years ago I wasn't sure that it would happen!  Thank you Jesus - You are so awesome.  She's ready - not so sure Mommy and Daddy are. :)

2. Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I knew I was running out of dish detergent but I knew I had just gotten this recipe.  So I thought I'd try it.  I made it last night in about 53 seconds.  AND IT WORKED!   GOOD!

Got this from the groceryshrink.

1 C salt $.13
2 C baking soda (the kind you cook with, not washing soda) $.64
2 C borax (keep out of reach of children.) $.55
Mix all together and store in an air tight jar.
Use 1 T in each compartment and wash normally.
3.  Garage Sales

I got 3 glass jars with the cool lids, This really neat lamp that works (I am pretty sure that it is old - not just a replica - as the wire is fairly brittle), the old hymnal, and a Gap windbreaker jacket for Jared for $1.  Oh, I also got a petite yellow chair for $1.  I think I will add that to my front porch after some paint and schtuff (my word for well, schtuff. )  :)  Better get that chair out of Rod's truck soon.
I love the old hymnal and have some ideas for it.
4.  Magic Erasers
I got some hair color on our bathroom wall and b/c of that eraser you almost can't see it.  Maybe Rod (my almost OCD) hubby won't read this and won't ever know! :)  Don't tell!
5.  Praying as a family
When Jared started school last year, I started the tradition of praying (however quickly it needed to be in order to not miss the bus) before he left for the day.  Rod had to carry on the (newly formed) tradition while Mags and I were in Indy for a couple of months.
This morning I had to keep Jared moving along and um....he didn't like it.  He got mad at me.  I said "Ok, lets pray real fast."  Jared turned his back to me and walked 2 steps away.  I prayed anyway.  "Dear Jesus, Please be with Jared.  Please help him to do his best work, help him to show others your love.  Amen".  Rod made him apologize to me.  He did - reluctantly. I hugged and kissed him.  He walked out the door onto the porch, stopped, turned and came back and said with a quiver in his lip "Can we pray again?"  So I prayed even faster and got him out the door with another set of hugs and kisses.  Oh, how I love that boy!  In 2 weeks he turns 7!
6.  Date night
Yep, my parents very willingly agreed to take the kids tonite so that Rod and I can have a date.  Woohoo!  Quality time with the hubby!
7.  Diet Coke
Yep.  Still hate coffee.  
8.  Reading my Bible
I'm working on going thru 1John.  What a challenging book!  But Oh!  How good it feels to connect with God.
8.1  Tuesday is my last class I teach for awhile!
Self explanatory.

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  1. I have tears in my eyes from looking at Maggie in those adorable pony tails!!!! Very exciting for you both. I just took my Riley to k-round up too. Touched my heart to know that Maggie gets to go too and is doing so well. Love your list!! So glad you continue to share with us. hugs and prayers.
    Sabrina White


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