Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Makers

I was reading somewhere recently where the writer was challenging Moms to be "Homemakers".  For some reason, it got me thinking of a passage out of I Chronicles.  I've loved this passage for years - all the way back to my days of being an RD and way before I was a Mom and maybe that is why it took me so long to connect the two.

I really don't like being called a Stay at Home Mom.  I feel like my role is more than that.  I am a Full-time Homemaker.  Please do not refer to me as a "Housewife" as my position is more encompassing as that.   I am a Full-time Homemaker.

In I Chronicles 28, King David is getting ready to die.  He has been king for 40 years and for the last many years of his reign, he had been collecting everything to make a house for God: a home for God - a resting place.  David says, "I had it in my heart to build a house as a place of rest for the ark of the covenant of the LORD, for the footstool of our God, and I made plans to build it.But God said to me, ‘You are not to build a house for my Name, because you are a warrior and have shed blood.’"

So God chose Solomon, David's son to be the next King and to build the Temple - the house of the Lord.

David tells his people the promise that God gave him regarding Solomon and charged his people to follow God always.

Then he looked to Solomon and says "acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought. If you seek him, he will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever. 10 Consider now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary. Be strong and do the work.”

David then proceeds to give extremely detailed directions for the temple.

Then says to Solomon "Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished."

In the first verse of Chapter 29, David looks out to all of his people and says "My son Solomon, the one whom God has chosen, is young and inexperienced. The task is great, because this palatial structure is not for man but for the LORD God."

For each of us mother's we are called to make our house a home.  A home for our husband's and children (and ourselves) to feel safe in, loved in, cared for  - a place they want to come home to.  We are to make our house a home for God - a place where not only is He welcomed into but also his presence requested.

Just as Solomon was encouraged to not be afraid - neither should we.  We are all inexperienced at one point - just as Solomon and yet Solomon was know for loving God with his whole heart.  

We have directions for how to make our house a home - scripture - it may not be as detailed as what David gave Solomon, but it is even more critical that we follow the details of scripture.

My house right now is not very homey.  It is a mess.  My son's birthday is today and he ran late for the bus (literally had to run so he wouldn't miss it) and forgot the cookies he wanted to take for his birthday treat as he and I were fussing this morning about his attitude.  My kitchen is a mess from the above said cookies and Mount St. Laundry needs to climbed and dynamite taken to it.

May all of us Moms know that God has chosen each of us for this position of HomeMaker - whether we do this position fulltime or part time (from having to work outside the home).  If God has chosen us then we must be the perfect person for this position in our home.  We have a great task in front us - just as Solomon did.  We must seek after God and not be afraid or discouraged.  For our God is with us.  He rightly deserves a home in our home.  

When we make a Home for God IN our home.....our house is no longer a house to our family but a home.

{Writing this today for myself and any other moms who may need encouragement in their position of homemaking.}

Go Live BIG!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

YAY and Yikes all rolled into one!

This past fall  - after Maggie was off all of her meds and it seemed like things could be "normal", I started asking to teach again.  When she was diagnosed, I was scheduled to teach and had to get out of it.  I have (overall) really enjoyed teaching at the college level.  Sometimes they can drive me crazy but overall I have had some really great students.

Anyway, back to the fall.  I started emailing the University I teach for to see if there were any classes in my area that I could teach.  There was nothing.  Then back in November (I think it was) I was asked to teach a class that would start in January and go 5 weeks.  Great.  Sign me up.  Then a couple weeks after that I got an email asking if I would teach a class that starts the last week of the first class and is on Wed nights.  (Wednesdays are a tough day in this house as Rod works Wed nights at church)  We talked it over and worked it out with the grandparents and I accepted.  THEN I was asked to teach a class that is in a city that is a little over an hour away that started the week after the second class ended.  Rod and I talked it over and I agreed to teach it.

With the roof, windows and siding that we had to do,  I knew I wanted to help with replenishing our savings account.  So I ended up teaching for 15 weeks - longer than a full semester.  Three different classes and classes are designed to go from 6-10pm one night a week.  Some students were "needier" than others - others were a joy to work with.  I had some interesting situations that happened within the class.

So after 15 weeks....I am finally done!  I just turned in grades for my final class!  YAY! I can breathe again and no more super late nights driving home!  Woohoo! :)

Well, now all of a sudden it has hit me.  J's birthday is this weekend.  We will be doing a couple of parties for him (family and friends).  But next week (Mother's Day weekend) is the garage sale for our subdivision!  I have no idea why they chose Mother's day weekend, but it is.  I get so exhausted doing the garage sale on that particular weekend.

I wasn't sure if I would do a garage sale.  But Rod and I finally decided that we would.  Oh, I mean I would.

Yes.  So much fun! So in the next 10 days I get to plan a "knight" party for some boys, make a bunch of goodies for school parties and all the other parties AND put together my garage sale.

Yet here I sit.

Here is a tiny little project the kids and I did at the end of Spring Break a couple of weeks ago.

 We planted some seed packets into some egg cartons we had.  Most of them are herbs but a few are flowers.
My Cilantro (closest) and my basil (right behind) are growing really well. :)

I am thinking about putting them into these:
I've had these old vintage canisters for years.  I've saved them knowing I wanted to do something with them....I just wasn't sure what.  Now, I am thinking of using them for my herbs.  What do you think?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

On this Easter morning instead of being in church celebrating His resurrection, I am home with a sick boy and a little girl who gets to stay home with us.

So this morning we read from my favorite children's Bible and the kids just watched Veggie Tales Easter Carol.  We tried doing Resurrection Rolls but well, ummm... you need fresh marshmallows not old ones.  Mags still ate them, Jared isn't sure his tummy is ready for all of that.  My ham is in the oven and we are getting ready to have my parents here after church.

It is so hard for me to grasp how much He loves us me.  I caught a glimpse of the enormity and reality of His LOVE and am reminded of that often.

I was in the hospital taking care of Maggie.  I was feeling overwhelmed and lost.  We had spent many days and nights in the hospital together.  If I remember right, this was during her second stemcell transplant and Maggie was suffering pretty badly.  She was "sleeping" heavily then b/c of the intensity of her pain.  She wasn't talking b/c the mouth sores hurt too bad and she kept her eyes closed b/c the little stubs of eyelashes kept falling off and bothering her eyes.  By this time I had watched her suffer a lot.  I had seen her almost overdose on morphine (which was incredibly scary), I had watched her go thru radiation and surgeries, I had given her so many shots.  I had cleaned up vomit and diarrhea (side effects of the chemo) so many times.... I had been witness to it all.

On that day, I wanted someone who understood what it was like to watch their child suffer and feel so incredibly helpless.

Then I thought of a Father and His Son, Jesus.

God watched His Son be beaten and whipped and betrayed and crucified.  He just watched.

However, He could have stopped it.  But at that moment, God  chose to love you and me more than His own Son!  I can't honestly imagine that kind of love.  I would have done ANYTHING to take away the cancer that was eating away at my daughter and save her from all of that pain.  ANYTHING.   But He didn't and He could have.

He chose to save us from the sin cancer that eats away at our souls by giving us the atoning blood of Jesus.

So on this Easter morning, may you know that you are loved by the God that not only created you but also sent Jesus the Rescuer to show you His Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.

And because Maggie asked for this song..... :)   May you know the joy of being delivered by the rescuer!  This is the song that we would play loud and dance to when she was in treatment and would pray for God to deliver her from cancer.  God wants to deliver each of us from our sin cancer! :)

Remember that Easter has nothing to do with a bunny but a Rescuer and I pray that you will KNOW Him!

Go Live BIG!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Verdict is in and the "to do" list

The birds do not like our red siding or our front deck/porch or the back deck either, for that matter!

 I had some violas in pots sitting on the front porch - I pulled the flowers inside b/c of our recent coldspell.  The robins liked to sit on them and their thing.
 Yes.  The big wooden bear is still there.  Please do not mention it.  (Or maybe if you see my hubby you could tell him that you think it would look so much better in the back yard?)   Do you see all of the bird droppings?  Lovely, huh?
 They also apparently like to sit on my old wooden chair and mark their territory as well.
See.  I don't think that they like the red.  We should have gone with white - would've been less expensive too.  I gotta get it cleaned up.  We're thinking about getting some rubber snakes to try to scare the robins away.

This week is a silly crazy week.  And for some stupid reason I am stressing.  I really shouldn't be stressing because none of it is super important, but none-the-less ...   I am.

I could write out the list but seriously none of it is important.  We have some family get togethers for Easter - one of them is here.  So I want to clean and prep and grocery shop for that.  The 2 main guys in my life have birthdays coming up and we I am planning a "knight" party for one.  I have ideas just swimming in my head of projects I would love to accomplish.

In the whole scheme of things none of them are super important.  Just a list of wants.  I mean, who cares if my house is spotless for Easter?  It's my parents who are coming and they will love me no matter what.  Who cares if there is poop on my front porch or siding?

What matters is that my family feels loved and that we celebrate and relish in the true meaning of this holiday: the death and resurrection of Jesus.  That He paid the price for my sin, He died and rose again!  That ultimate gift.

2000 years ago God's To Do list was:
   1.  Be betrayed by close friend
   2.  Be beaten up, whipped and spat upon
   3.  Be forgotten by my closest friends
   4.  Be nailed to a cross
   5.  Take on the sins of all mankind
   6.  Die
   7.  Rise Again

My to do list seems pretty small in comparison.  Helps to put it all in perspective.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed like me may you be able to put it all into perspective.  May our lists seem smaller and more manageable right now.  May we concentrate on what it is we are celebrating this weekend.

Live Big!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is your FAVORITE?

Every morning while Jared eats breakfast (many times instant oatmeal) he talks.

I'm usually reminding him to finish eating.

He usually asks me questions.  Such as "What is your favorite color?"  "What is your favorite character on Star Wars?"  "What is your favorite Rescue Hero?"  Ummmm, this last one is a  toy by Fisher Price - they are fire fighters, police men etc.

I love how inquisitive he is.  He loves to find out about my favorite and share his favorites as well.

So here are some of my favorites.

1.  My favorite Star Wars character is Leia and Han Solo is a close second.  (I like the old Star Wars movies better than the new ones.)

2.  My favorite time of day is dusk.  You know, when everything is golden.  My family is usually all together.

3.  My favorite color is green.  Maybe it has something to do with my Maiden name (it has green in it).  I really like red too - do you think that is why we painted the house green and then put on red siding?

4.  My favorite verse Isaiah 42

6 “I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness; 
   I will take hold of your hand. 
I will keep you and will make you 
   to be a covenant for the people 
   and a light for the Gentiles, 
7 to open eyes that are blind, 
   to free captives from prison 
   and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.

5.  My favorite fast food joint is probably Chik filA.  

6.  My favorite job I ever had was when I was a Resident Director (while getting my masters) at a Christian University.

7.  My favorite thing that God ever did (outside of dying on the cross and saving me) is putting me together with my husband.  I have seen His hand so evident in so many ways since then.

8.  My favorite drink is Diet Coke.  Yes, I know that the artificial sugar is "bad" for me.  But it tastes SO MUCH better than regular CocaCola.  BLECH.  Besides, it seems that everything is bad for you.  Oh, have I mentioned that I don't like coffee?  I have?  Oh, sorry!  :)

9.  My favorite desert are gooey chocolate deserts and I haven't had any since being on this low carb diet.  I miss them..........  warm, dark, decadent......... Ok, I'm back.

10. One of my favorite songs has become this 

If you are a friend of mine on FB you have seen me post this song a bzillion times.  Somehow it just totally speaks to me about how God loves us despite who we are or have done and how HE will not fail - the picture just might look different than what we would have once hoped.  He IS the all powerful one.  Nothing is outside of his reach and HE FAILS US NOT! :)

So what are some of your favorites?  I shared.  Now it is your turn!  :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

Some things that I love:

1.  Ponytails.

These are pics of Maggie from today in her first ponytail that stayed.  Yes she needed barrettes to help but it has stayed.  Please ignore the laundry that needs to be put away.  Laundry definitely doesn't make this list.

For your general information,  Maggie and I went to the elementary school yesterday for "kindergarten round up".  She is officially signed up. :)  Two years ago I wasn't sure that it would happen!  Thank you Jesus - You are so awesome.  She's ready - not so sure Mommy and Daddy are. :)

2. Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I knew I was running out of dish detergent but I knew I had just gotten this recipe.  So I thought I'd try it.  I made it last night in about 53 seconds.  AND IT WORKED!   GOOD!

Got this from the groceryshrink.

1 C salt $.13
2 C baking soda (the kind you cook with, not washing soda) $.64
2 C borax (keep out of reach of children.) $.55
Mix all together and store in an air tight jar.
Use 1 T in each compartment and wash normally.
3.  Garage Sales

I got 3 glass jars with the cool lids, This really neat lamp that works (I am pretty sure that it is old - not just a replica - as the wire is fairly brittle), the old hymnal, and a Gap windbreaker jacket for Jared for $1.  Oh, I also got a petite yellow chair for $1.  I think I will add that to my front porch after some paint and schtuff (my word for well, schtuff. )  :)  Better get that chair out of Rod's truck soon.
I love the old hymnal and have some ideas for it.
4.  Magic Erasers
I got some hair color on our bathroom wall and b/c of that eraser you almost can't see it.  Maybe Rod (my almost OCD) hubby won't read this and won't ever know! :)  Don't tell!
5.  Praying as a family
When Jared started school last year, I started the tradition of praying (however quickly it needed to be in order to not miss the bus) before he left for the day.  Rod had to carry on the (newly formed) tradition while Mags and I were in Indy for a couple of months.
This morning I had to keep Jared moving along and um....he didn't like it.  He got mad at me.  I said "Ok, lets pray real fast."  Jared turned his back to me and walked 2 steps away.  I prayed anyway.  "Dear Jesus, Please be with Jared.  Please help him to do his best work, help him to show others your love.  Amen".  Rod made him apologize to me.  He did - reluctantly. I hugged and kissed him.  He walked out the door onto the porch, stopped, turned and came back and said with a quiver in his lip "Can we pray again?"  So I prayed even faster and got him out the door with another set of hugs and kisses.  Oh, how I love that boy!  In 2 weeks he turns 7!
6.  Date night
Yep, my parents very willingly agreed to take the kids tonite so that Rod and I can have a date.  Woohoo!  Quality time with the hubby!
7.  Diet Coke
Yep.  Still hate coffee.  
8.  Reading my Bible
I'm working on going thru 1John.  What a challenging book!  But Oh!  How good it feels to connect with God.
8.1  Tuesday is my last class I teach for awhile!
Self explanatory.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm old and not ashamed. Well, kinda.

I think that in the year plus battle we had with Maggie's foe I aged 15 years.  The sleep deprivation definitely didn't help.  Before, I had a few grays here and there that I would hide with my "highlights" pretty easily.

It isn't that easy anymore.

The grays are becoming more abundant.

However, I figure I earned them.  They are mine.  I have had the life experience that gives a person these.  I am ok with that.

At the same time......I don't have to keep them.  So this morning I am going thru my regular (now) ritual of coloring my hair.

I am not sure that I like this product as it seems more messy.  It doesn't help that I am messy when I color my hair anyway.  I got this one free when the company was giving away coupons for a free box.

So hopefully in about 15 minutes I will appear younger than I did last night.

Getting old isn't bad.  It is the looking and feeling older than I am that is!   Smile!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage/Antique TV trays

DIY by DesignWhen we moved Grampa out of his house, we went thru the things that he didn't want anymore.

Ok, really we went thru some of it.

Grampa and Gramma were packrats.  They almost could have been on the show hoarders but they always had cleared walk-ways.

ANYWAYS,  we all took some things that we thought were cool.  Rod and I had just gotten married so we took quite a bit of stuff.  I love old things!

One thing that I grabbed were these TV trays.  They are metal - I almost think that the top is enamel?  Anyone know how you can tell?  I loved them right away.  I loved they flower print and the scalloped edges and that there were 4 WITH the folding legs.

Rod didn't like this:

sorry it is sideways! :(
They were dirty and rusting or something.  Or at least the finish was coming off of them.  Does Metal have a finish?  If this is a finish then it was "Rusty Antique Brass".

So they sat in our basement.  Rod would let them be used for fear of getting all of the house dirty from them - let alone your clothes from putting them in front of you.

Soooo...... after sitting in our home for 10 years (give or take) I finally decided to clean them up.

I took that fabulous Krylon  spray pain in the oil rubbed bronze color (that always seems to be disappearing from many stores!)  I sprayed the legs.  This was harder than I anticipated b/c of the glare from the sun.  The sun made it harder to see where there needed another coat of paint.  In fact just when I thought I was done with those crazy legs - I saw several more spots that needed paint!

Then I taped around the actual tray.  See it had this cute little lip of the enamel around the bottom.  It was a wee bit difficult to put the tape on b/c of the scallops and I know it wasn't perfect....but did you see how beat up these things are?  They can't get much worse!   :)

So then I painted the bottoms of the trays with the same Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  You can see the edges of the blue tape in the pic above.

Then when that dried, I took off the tape and sprayed a layer of clear enamel "paint" on the front to help protect those pretty flowers.

Here is my model showing off how nice the bottom of trays look.

Now we can use them all over the house!  Well, I still have gotta find replacement feet for the legs.  :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our boy and a Perspective on Parenting

The Elementary school here in town has an award day for every quarter.  I learned about this...hmmmmm, last quarter?  :)  The joys of having a boy - you don't get tons of details.  They give out an Art award, perfect attendance awards and every teacher chooses an "honor student".  This student shows good attitude, is respectful, is kind etc. Rod and I were notified about 2 weeks ago that Jared would be getting the honor student award for his class.  We were told BEFORE Spring Break and it was HARD to keep it from him as it is to be a surprise!  But we did good.

He was surprised to see us sitting in the auditorium when he walked in.  He was very excited to get the award.

I told Rod that we should give him an reward for doing so well in school.  So we decided to give him this toy shotgun that Rod found on clearance for less than $3 at the Tractor Supply Store.  It has 4 "shells" and can even have smoke coming out of it.  Jared was more excited about this.
Look how serious he is!
This year has been tough.  I've contemplated homeschooling often.  I think from October to February I would hear from Jared more mornings than not how much he hated school.  I knew that this wasn't fully accurate and I think that the real reason was that he was bored.  He wanted to do Science and Social Studies and they didn't do any science in his class until February.  Oh, the struggles we would have in the mornings!  He has had great behavior at school the whole year and that he was rewarded for that is so nice.  Sometimes my heart still breaks for him as he was often overlooked during Maggie's cancer battle.  So this award was doubly nice. :)

(Altho, there is a part of me that finds it sad that we must reward kids for behaving the way that they should be......)

Which leads me to something that I have thinking about posting for some time...

I am odd, I have my own set of very strange idiosyncrasies - just like each one of us does.  There is one that we have as a family.  Our kids do not do any extra-curricular activities (besides church).  It is not that we think that they are bad - we can see that for many families (and kids) they can be very beneficial.  Maybe if we chose to homeschool (which is a thought that seems to be floating in my head often these days) we would choose to put our kids in some activities.  But maybe not....

Can I share with you our reasons?

1.  Our first reason was money.  Yes, remember that Rod and I tend to be cheap frugal and when we had 2 children at diapers at the same time we were even worse.  However, we were thrown aback (doesn't that make me sound so collegiate? or something?) at how expensive a 30 minute lesson in something can be for a toddler - even when it is in a group setting.  Yikes!  When raising a family on one income, there are often choices to be made and for us this was one.

2.  We believe that the most important relationship in our home (outside of our relationship with God) is our marriage - husband and wife.  When we are so busy running our kids around doing all of these activities when they are 5 and 7, we get little time for each other and what time there is we are too tired to be with each other.  We know that when junior high and high school hit it will be another story .....  When our lives are centered around getting our young children to all of their activities, it gives our children the impression that our world is centered around them.  As much as I dearly love our children, the world doesn't revolve around them and all around us today are kids who believe otherwise.

3.  Our kids like us right now.  We know that in another couple of years they won't want anything to do with us. They won't want to walk beside us at Target or sit in the same booth with us at Dairy Queen.  I'm hoping that I won't have to drop them off a block from their destination for fear of being seen with me in public.  (Maybe I will have sing Jingle Bells at the top of my lungs in July like my dad did when we were out in public and I was "bored" and/or embarrassed to be with my parents!  Love you, dad!) A Psychology theorist named Eric Erickson, believes that there are stages to a person's development (and his stages actually make sense!) and right now is the time that they like us.  So why would I want to ship them off to others during the small amount of time that I have them and they think I am cool!?!  :)

4.  Social skills....I don't know about you, but I haven't met too many 1st graders that have good social skills, so why would I want to have my kids learn social skills from them.  I was sharing with some friends, Jared has come home a bzillion times this school year telling me how "Billy" said he isn't his friend today. First of all, I thought only girls were like that!  Second, those are not the social skills I want my kids to learn!  My kids do not need help learning how to be disrespectful to others - they have that down pat b/c of their sinful nature (don't we all?).

5.  Stress.  The stress of "hurry, eat this so we can get going", "hurry do your homework so that we can make it to your practice", "hurry, you are now so sweaty from your practice that you need to take a quick shower even tho it is WAY past your bedtime." is not worth it to us.  Like I mentioned before, I know that this will happen when they are older, but while they are little, it is nice to not have nights like this.

I am sure now that you think that we are really odd, but hopefully I've at least made you think.  I don't beleive that activities/lessons etc are bad - they can be good things.  I am just not sure that the positive out-weighs the negative for us.  This works for us.  What works for you?

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I was Featured!

Vanessa and Heather from

chose to feature me and my wee little blog.  I have grown to love them (from afar! :) ) and their blog as not only to they share their creative projects that they are working on but also their love for Jesus and their families.  I feel like I "fit" with them.

What makes this feature so special to me is that they wanted to feature me for my "inspirational" posts.  Me!  Me?  Really....ME?

As I continue to figure out this blogging stuff and determine the direction (if any!) that God wants me to go with this,  I'd love to hear what you like and (gently) what you don't.  And if you really like me, would you click on "follow".

It would mean so much!

Oh, I've got more projects coming.  Spring has finally come and I'm so excited!  The grass is green and I do mean GREEN!  We actually grilled out for the first time last night and ate out on the deck.  Got out all of our outdoor furniture, planted some seeds, had a fire and the kids ate smores!  This past week was our Spring Break so that was a nice way to end a quiet Spring Break!

Better go get ready for church!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another warrior

Christina, a warrior - just like Maggie - passed away last night.

Christina had been diagnosed about 4-5 years ago and was fighting non-hodgkins lymphoma.  She underwent a bone marrow transplant at Riley.  She went into remission but the cancer fought back with a vengeance.

Christina was just recently named Homecoming Queen and had just gotten her first car.

Christina and Maggie walked the Survivor lap together this past summer.

Cancer shouldn't happen to kids.  Did you know that "Cancer is the most common disease-related cause of death for ages one to twenty, and the fourth most common cause of all deaths, after accidents, homicides, and suicides." (from Cure Search)  

As the survival stats increase, so do the number of lifelong side effects that these children have to endure.

Children's cancers do not get the funding like adult cancers do.  The American Cancer Society only gives approximately 3% to fund research for Children's cancers.  

Christina is no longer suffering - for which we are grateful.  However, her family is hurting.  Thousands of other families are hurting.

Psalm 91: 1-2 "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
   will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
2 I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
   my God, in whom I trust.”

Monday, April 4, 2011

Curtains for Windows

So, I am working on getting creative.

Here are the curtains I made.  I actually made the curtains a long time ago.  But my dear hubby has been ultra busy around here and he would throw a fit if I put them up myself.  So, I had to wait till he had some free time and was feeling up for "helping" me. :)  Can I just tell you about how much of a production this was.  He had to get the "studfinder" and level and it was a pretty long procedure for one simple curtain rod.  This is not because he isn't "handy" - he most certainly is.  This was a "production" because he is a perfectionist and I've just learned not to do certain things because well, in this manner I am FAR from a perfectionist!  :)

I'm sorry that the lighting is so bad.  It is one of those gray early-spring Indiana days. (Altho, overnight God made the grass bright green again!  Not brown with a touch of green!)  This is our entry way.

These curtains are from a drop cloth.  I  literally just snipped the edge and ripped it the rest of the way to make 2 panels.  I then used fusing tape to "create a seam" and used curtain clips to put them up.  I think that Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land was the first person I saw to do this. I knew I had to try it.

This is why:

Do you see just past the entry way into the kitchen?  There are those monster windows?  See em?

Here's a better view.  Oh, and across the room is the living room....
(Sorry again about the bad lighting)

Not sure if you can tell from the kitchen pic (and please ignore the messy counter) that the ceiling peaks at the center of those windows.  There are also (fake) wood beams that go thru the "great room".  (Rod really likes the beams - to me they are "ok").  When we moved in there were vertical blinds on these windows.  They were gone very quickly!  Because of the peak and the height, I have had a hard time finding pretty and economical curtains for these windows.  It is at least 12 feet high and to get curtains that are that tall, I would need to custom order them and that is $$$pricey$$$!  I like the roman shades that I got really cheap at!  However, I just feel like some fabric will soften the room up.

So I made the dropcloth curtain for the entry to see if I would like it for the other sets of windows.  I plan on adding some sort of trim to the curtains and also another piece of fabric just to add some more visual interest. Then I can tackle the big windows!

Thanks for peaking in my windows!

Live BIG!

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God speaking thru another song

When our daughter went thru her battle with cancer, God taught us me so much.  One day hopefully, I will get it all written down as a testament to His Grace, Power, and Love.

One lesson that was inexplicable was joy in the midst of fear and craziness.  Seeing God move in ways that we would never have thought to have asked of Him.  And then the realization that the journey (altho I would never in a million years wish it on another family and every time I hear of another child diagnosed with cancer my heart cries for them) was so much of a blessing.

Yes, if we could have learned the lessons that we did without the diagnosis and treatments for Maggie, the separation of our family to different places, the confusion for Jared and so many other "bad things" that would have been great.  I knew tho, that I sometimes need some big kicks in my backside.

But I got to see so many blessings thru raindrops.  Sometimes we have to open up our eyes a little wider to see what God is wanting to bless us with in ways that we never expected.

 So, if you are struggling and asking for God to move in a certain way and God doesn't answer in the way you want, OPEN your eyes (and heart) a little wider and see how He IS working and moving and changing things around and in you for HIS glory.  So many times it is in the ways we least expect!