Friday, June 24, 2011

10 Tasks in 10 days!

This summer has not been as productive as I had hoped.  I guess I am a dreamer thinking that I can get projects done while keeping the kids entertained and not fighting.  Let alone the amount of rain we've had that prevents me from working on some projects!

This week has been especially  Ummmmm...out of the norm.  Jared had church camp on Mon/Tues.  So I had to drop him off on Monday morning and pick him up Tues at 5pm.  Oh this week is also swimming lessons week for a 1/2 hour late mornings.  Oh, and then my dear hubby rolled his ankle playing basketball (I'm pretty sure that it is the 3rd time since we've been together and he had done it several time before me) so there has been lots of icing and bandaging and "Honey, could you get this for me?" type of stuff going on.  Oh, and then Mags had church "camp" for 2 hours yesterday and a parent (me) had to stay with her.  So let us just say that I've been running all over Timbuctoo and getting little accomplished.

Which leads me to the '10 tasks in 10 days" challenge.  I was so excited to see this challenge as I needed the accountability to get some things accomplished before this summer flies by and I have nothing to show for it!

Unfortunately - I have to get ready for swim lessons and I do not have time to show pics of my intended projects.  But I will show pics as I post the completed projects.

I have a list of 20.  Will I get 20 done in 10 days?  Probably not.  But man, if I can get a bunch done I will be feeling pretty good - and it will eliminate more excuses.

1.  Clean the kitchen closet.
2.  Place chalkboard in kitchen
3.  Wipe board in kitchen closet
4. Shelf in hall bath
5.  Headboard for Master bedroom
6. Clean inside of van.
7.  Craft cans for holding kids commissions
8.  Finish trunk as seen here
9.  Finish cleaning the storage area in basement.
10. Place hooks in Jared's room
11. Do gallery wall by desk
12. Poly the picnic table
13. finish sanding/painting the dresser (see link in #8)
14. Sand/Paint the $5 garage sale dresser I got the other day
15.  Paint desk chair
16.  Make skirt/pad for desk chair
17. Curtains for Living Room
18. Paint desk - ugly laminate monstrosity
19.  Make skirt for the ugly laminate monstrosity
20.  Hang flag outside.

To be upfront, I have already done a couple.  I figured I had a few more on the list than was required so it was ok to start a little early.
Ten Tasks

Better run and take my shower so that I can run around again. :)


  1. I really love your challenge. Great idea.

  2. Rachel,
    So looking forward to your before and afters!

  3. Do a few up front is fine because let's face it there will be days when you can't work, life is just that way! I am so glad you linked up and I can't wait to see your afters.

    Have fun marking things off your list this week,
    Cha Cha


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