Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My Dad is the guy that all of my friends growing up thought was cool.
My dad playing with Jared

He was the guy that would get his hockey goalie mask on at Halloween and disguise himself to look like a mannequin and then scare the begeebers out of the older kids that would come trick-or-treating to our house.  In fact, I think he just did it at our house this past year.  He loves a good practical joke as long as no one and nothing gets hurt!

He is the guy that would make the coolest swing out over a huge sand pit for all of the kids in the neighborhood to enjoy.

He is the guy I remember picking me up from school when I was sick (around age 10) and he had to stop at the corner on the way home so that I could open the door and throw up.

He is the guy that knows more Bible than anyone else I know - which is a good thing .... he's a pastor! :)

He is the guy that many people know as "Grizzly Greenhood" from our church's camp.

He is the guy that on long car trips will wear one of those glasses that has the nose and mustache attached.  JUST to surprise cars that go by and to entertain himself.  So now you know who it is!

He is the guy that is still a romantic with his wife and best friend (my mom) of almost 42 years!  He loves to kiss her in front of everyone!

He is the guy with the "tickle finger of fate" that would tickle us till our sides hurt! :)

He is the guy that when I was an adolescent and was complaining of being "BORED" when out with family shopping or whatever - would start singing Jingle Bells REALLY LOUD.  No. Matter. What. Season. It. Was.  I learned very fast not to tell him I was bored.

Life is not boring with my dad.  He taught me to make life exciting.  He taught me that a good Christian will stand up for what is right and true and defend the Bible.  No matter what others say or do.

My children's Daddy is pretty great too.  He loves to wrestle with our kiddos.  He loves to teach our son bball.  He loves to cuddle with them too.  He loves to tuck them into bed at night after reading a Bible story and saying prayers.  He loves to teach Jared how to drive the mower.
at the hospital with Maggie -right after surgery

playing in the snow this winter with the kids
So this is to the 2 best dads I know! :)

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  1. Hi Rachel!

    Very sweet tribute to these two very special guys in your life. You dad sounds like an awesome father, husband and Christian. A great role model. Looks like your husband is following in your dads footsteps as a dad too :)

    So nice stopping by to visit with you!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. What a sweet post for two great guys from your tribute.

  3. So sweet, you are so blessed to have these two men in your life. Your dad and I would get along very well, I can be a bit of a "trouble maker" only good stuff. Thank you for sharing about your men and inspiring me to look at the legacy I am instilling in my children. Your heart gets me evey time.

    Have a great weekend,
    Cha Cha


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