Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello from Indy!

I am writing this from Riley - well actually one of the building near Riley Children's hospital.  Maggie and I got up way WAY before the sun (alarm went off at 4:20) so that we could get to our 8:30 apt.  It takes about 3 hours to get here - depending on traffic and weather.

Maggie is being seen by a Neuropsychologist.  Why?  Stupid cancer.  I'd heard thru an email list that I am on for neuronblastoma kids that many kids are showing signs of some sort of impairment years down the road from the effects of the chemo etc.  No one really thinks about these types of things.  You just want to hear the words "No evidence of Disease" or cancer-free.  We don't realize what potentially lies down the road. :)

 I am not expecting to "find" anything.  This is more to get a baseline so that if something "pops up" in a couple of years we'll know what her abilities were at age 5.

I am sitting in a hallway that they call a waiting area.  There is about 8 chairs sitting along a wall outside the Neuropsych area - which is also right in front of 2 elevators.  I get to sit out here for about 3 hours waiting for Mags.  Then we do lunch and then I start the waiting game all over again.  I should've brought Maggie's pillow pet in and maybe I could have napped.

I'm not thrilled that I cannot see Maggie thru a window or anything but the setup here is not conducive to that.  This office is in one of the older buildings and it seems rather congested.

We thought about coming down as a family last night but that would've meant that Rod and Jared would have to find something to do here to entertain themselves.  It wouldn't have been hard HOWEVER - how fair is it to Maggie that she sit in a room answering questions for over 1/2 a day while Jared is doing something fun.  So he and daddy stayed home to do fun stuff.  He thinks every time Maggie comes to Riley she has fun b/c all he remembers is the play rooms.  So Maggie and I will try to hit a couple of stores on the way home and do a little bit of fun and Jared and Daddy will do fun stuff at home.  No one feels extremely left out that way.

I'm tired.  Did I mentioned that I was awake from about 3am on?  Did I mention that Maggie got in bed with us at about 3:40am because she was cold?  Yeah.  I am tired.  :)   

Feels like old times.......   ;)

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  1. Hey Rachel! I'm sorry you all have to go through this. That must be hard not to be able to at least wave to her through a window. I think shopping together will be a nice way to end the day. I'm praying for y'all and love your faith! Hugs to you - JenT


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