Saturday, May 21, 2011

Crazy 5 days

I am not sure how Moms do it when their husbands go out of town for extended long trips.

I really REALLY don't think that I would still be a sane Stay at Home Mom.

Rod is working Notre Dames graduation this weekend.  He left the house at 6:15am.  and won't get home till 11pm tonite.  Then tomorrow (as of right now) has to leave here at 5:15am and will get home around 4 pm.  It is great extra money but he will be dog tired.  Yes, he gets permission to get off of work on Sundays from church to do this.

Funny story....He's been doing this for maybe 8 years (minus one when Mags was in treatment).  Every year it is the SAME service.  I should that was for when he did the Lawyers graduation - every year the same words EXACTLY!


On Monday (his normal day off since he usually works Sunday) he will go in to work a little before lunch and won't come home until Tuesday night some time.  Who knows?  Definitely not me.

Then on Wednesday as soon as we get Jared on the bus for school, Rod and I are taking Maggie to Riley to check some things out.  Not cancer related but side effects of cancer and chemo related.  Then Maggie has he Preschool graduation that night.  Rod is taking off on Wed this coming week.

The kids are outside playing.  We've already gone to the town pool to sign up for lessons.  But they have been playing basketball and croquet - not at the same time.

They are already fighting like cats and dogs.  I am afraid our neighbors will report us to the Housing Association for their screaming at each other.   Oh, WAIT!  Our neighbors ARE ON the Housing Association Board!    Oh, well.............

Here are a couple of projects I am working on while they scream and fight and play nicely together.

 Here is a very old dresser that I am going to try to make something beautiful out of - I had already started sanding it.
Jared taking pics....

 Maggie took these 2 of me working on my old trunk.  I am painting it and covering up the stencils.  She framed this one up nice, huh? :)
 See, told you they were playing croquet.
Jared obviously got a hold of the camera again.

So, sometimes schedules get crazy.  We just make due.  Filling up my days with projects.  I thought about taking the kids to the Bremen Bounce, but it is one of the first nice days we've had in a long time and I would rather they be outside!  Ugh!

Better get back outside...  I hear screaming and "I don't have to listen to you!!!"

Hopefully the housing association won't call the police!  :)

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