Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simple Joys

We've spent the evening outside after napping this afternoon after church.

The kids have played in the sprinkler and on the swings.  We've played baseball and practiced throwing and catching the football.  They are still running around in their swim suits.  Maggie's is a a little too big on her as I didn't want to get her a size 4/5 and let it be too small on her so I bought her a 6 and it hangs on her wee little body.

Right now our kiddos are catching lightening bugs at dusk.  It is a gorgeous night.  Rod just went to get a jar to put them in.

I told Rod it's been a perfect evening and he said that it was until I pulled out the computer.

So, I better run.  Just remember that it is the simple things that your children remember and that we all cherish.

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