Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick day

We've had two (2) snow days in a row and I was starting to feel the need to GET OUT.  I woke up and found out we have a delay - so I didn't wake the kids.  Now, Jared, is not one that usually needs to be woken up - he usually wakes up on his own by 6:30am at the latest.  When he woke up and came out to the living room at 7:15am I wondered if something was up.  Yep, he said that his tummy hurt and his head and when I took his temp it was 100.2 - This is how we do sick days in front of the TV

This is what we'd do with Mags when she came home from chemo.  We get out the vinyl tablecloth (for easy cleanup) for them to lay on and a bucket for quick access.  Luckily he hasn't needed the bucket yet. :)

So now he is home and I can't get out.  Selfish, I know.  Just wanted a change of scenery.  So now it is lets see what I can get done at home today.  I am still trying to finish the basement while keeping the house going and doing other stuff at the same time.  When the basement is done, it is on to decluttering other rooms and revamping other rooms! YAY!  I have this great idea for the living room windows.  I've been looking at too many other blogs!  Too many ideas swirling in my head!

Ok, so before the blizzard hit, Maggie and I went and hit one of my favorite stores - Pine Hill.  It is my little Amish run store that I have mentioned before.  It is a food salvage store - that sounds worse than what it is.  Ok, this place will get cake boxes that are geared for Christmas (has snowflakes on box etc) and has been pulled from the shelf or whatever.  Or maybe come Monday all of the food that is geared for the Superbowl will have to be pulled.  Sometimes the crate gets banged up and the boxes inside it do too - Meijer doesn't want to deal with the mess. These are the types of items I get there.  Yes, I do have to watch expiration dates.  But Pinehill is totally worth another mention.  I have met people that come all the way down here from Niles MI and further.  They come and get a couple of shopping carts full and then they don't have to come back for a good month or so.

For example, I get Quaker instant oatmeal there for $1 a box.  Cereal runs from about $1.30 - 1.80 depending on the size of the box.  I got Chex (brand name) there for $1.60/box!  I get juice boxes for Jared's lunch there for $1.60/ box - this time I got Minute Maid.  I get canned products there for great prices - canned veggies for 30c each, canned kidney beans for 45c or 55c depending on can size.  Hunts pasta sauce for 50c for a big can.  Campbells soup is 55c.  I get salad dressings cheap and other condiments as well.  Boxes of pasta (whole wheat too) for 50c each!!  I get Mac and Cheese for 3 for $1.  So many other deals and this is already a long post!

Now, when I am there I am constantly thinking what I can things for if I have coupons.  Oh, and you never know when they will have a certain item again - so if you see something you know that your family likes buy several!  I've left there with 10-12 boxes of our favorite oatmeal (Maggie eats it every day).

It is 1 and 1/4 mile east off of 331 on 5th road between Bremen and Bourbon.  So it is just 2 miles from my house.  Tell the owner Mary that Rachel sent you! :)  Or let me know you are going and maybe we can go together! :)

Happy deal hunting! :)

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