Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Reminder to myself

A little over 2 years ago, I sat in a hospital play room watching my three year old daughter play tea party with one hand while the other hand was hooked up to an IV.  She had about a 6 inch incision in her tummy that was just beginning to heal.  She was sitting in a wheel chair and she had this new appendage coming out of the middle of her chest that was giving her meds on a regular basis.  This appendage or  tube was connected to this "wonderful" pump that we could drag around with us.
blowing on her tea...

I remember the fear and the anxiety over what the test results would come back to be.  We played with her and prayed over her.

I remember thinking about Abraham and how much I felt like I could relate to him.  He was told to sacrifice Isaac - his son that he waited years to have.  I too felt like I was asked to sacrifice Maggie.  My Maggers.

I did some looking.  Did you know that Abraham had Isaac carry the wood for the altar on his back?  Did you know that Abraham brought 2 servants with them?  Did you know that it took them 3 days to travel to the place that the Lord told them to do the sacrifice?

I can't imagine the feelings that Abraham had in those 3 days of traveling by foot knowing that at the end of the journey God wanted him to sacrifice his own son.  I imagine that he was probably thinking "Could I fool God with one of my servants instead of Isaac?"  "What will I tell Sarah?"  "Maybe we can just keep walking...." and then "My God will provide."  That is what he told Isaac when Isaac asked where the animal was that was to be sacrificed.  Can you imagine Abraham binding his own son and laying him on that altar?  Oh, how he must have avoided looking Isaac in the eye!  Abraham's heart had to literally hurt.  I know mine did.

But God did provide.  Just in the knick of time God stopped Abraham and told him to look in the bushes.  There was a ram.

Then God provided the replacement for all of us and our punishment for our sin:  Jesus.

I am just wondering if you have ever had to step out in faith?  Or have you had to carry that wood for your sacrifice of faith?  Following in Faith is not easy but it is so necessary.  This story of Abraham and Isaac has been told in Jewish homes for centuries and now in Christian homes as well as a testimony to not only Abraham's willingness to move on in faith but also to God's Faithfulness.

As I sat in that hospital, I chose to have faith.  I chose to have faith that God would provide in a way that we couldn't imagine.  But I had to be willing to walk that walk of faith for how ever many days it took to see God's Providence.

God provided for us and Maggie is cancer free but the steps in faith in God's providence in this one area continue on.  Each scan day, each fever, each complaint of an ache or pain is a new test of faith.   But God keeps providing.  I still think that God laughs at me sometimes when I get nervous.  :)

Tomorrow Maggie and I head up to the hospital for her next scans and blood work.  She will also have an echo cardiogram done.  The chemo she had could do serious damage to her heart (not to mention so many other things) and this is a check-up to see how her heart is doing.   It will be a long day but at least it is only to South Bend.

If you have seen God's Providence work in your life, will you share it?  God wants us to shout it out when He works miracles for us and it helps other people build their faith as well.  Share it in the comments section below.  :)

These are just one of the many lessons that God gave me in a real tangible way.  Would this be something that  you would like to see more on here?  .


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