Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine

This is my honey and me.  For our 10th anniversary, Rod took us to Hawaii (where we stayed with friends, Dave and Renee - who we will never be able to repay).  This night was the luau.  I tried finding other good pictures of us but it seems that we don't take many of us together.  Lots of the kids.......

Rod and I met on a blind date.  Yes, you read that right and I am as shocked as you.  I hated blind dates, still cannot believe that I went.  I had no clue who he was.  The youth pastor and his wife were setting us up and this same youth pastor is Rod's best friend.  It was actually a blind double date and because of that I was willing to give it a go.

The date was fine.  But you see, I was not interested in being in any kind of relationship at that time.  I had just come out of a bad relationship and I was fine with it being God and me.  But Rod kept calling and I wasn't returning his calls.  I was old fashioned and was just not interested.  :)  So, little did I know, he wanted to "teach me a lesson" about returning phone calls.  So he persisted.  He finally called me when I was home and answered.  He literally wouldn't take no for an answer.  I liked his perseverance. And we became friends.  Within a couple of months, we were "dating" and about 6 months later engaged.

The institution of marriage is important to me.  I always want Rod to know that he is more important to me than anything else (other than God) because that is the way that God created it to be.  Marriage is hard and I really think that is what God wanted.  God intended marriage to be how we learn to be more like Him.  Rod and I are alike in many many ways, but we are very different in so many many ways as well.  I think that he is silly and he makes me laugh in many ways.  :)  Even when Maggie was in the hospital, I wanted to make sure our marriage was strong.  We both knew that I had to be with Maggie, but when we'd get home we'd find a way to have a date and get away from the stress.  Sometimes we would sit in our room with the door closed and just cry together.  I will tell you one thing, crying together and praying thru tears is a great way to bond to each other.

We have been blessed being witnesses to several great marriages.  My father's parents, were married (I believe) over 60 years.  In the last several years of my grandmother's life, she developed profound Alzheimers.  It started small and progressed to where she no longer talked or did most daily personal care on her own.  Grampa had to put her into a nursing home that could take care of her and keep her safe.  But everyday, he would go and see her.  He would feed her lunch by hand and take care of her as much as he could.  My grampa was not a very "soft" man but as he aged he softened and I love thinking about him taking care of Gramma even when she didn't even know who he was anymore.

My parents have been married for over 40 years.  Just this past weekend they celebrated 42 years since my dad proposed with an overnight getaway.  He is a true romantic.  I love seeing how they are best friends and enjoy being together even after all these years.  Romance doesn't end when you reach a certain age.  What you put into it you will get out of it.

So for my Hotrod.... I would not want to walk thru a mindfield without you!

What marriages have you been able to observe that you want to emmulate?

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