Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love you more

I remember having a little very cheesy cute plaque from my grandma that says "I love you this much" with a little girl and her hands are outstretched.  My grandma died when I was 8 so it always meant a lot to me - altho I have no idea where that plaque is now.


I have always told our kids that I love them lots and lots.  I've always told them that Jesus loves them most, then ME and then Daddy and then grandparents etc.  They like to tell me that Grandma loves them more and we argue or if Daddy is around then he pipes in and says "No, I do!".  So, now I ask them "Who loves you most?" and they say "Jesus, then grandma, then daddy and you."  We jokingly banter about this back and forth.

This morning Maggie was drawing on this little leapfrog thingy.  She will make a heart and write "Mommy and Daddy I Love You".  I told her "I love you more" and she said "I love you mostest".  A couple of minutes later, she said "I love you more than Daddy".  I smiled cause that love just means that I am the one that she wakes up first in the middle of the night.

I asked her "Do you love me more than Grandma?"

"Not realllly."

Motherhood is good.

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  1. that's awesome. "do you love me more than grandma?" "not really." bah!


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