Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where's My Trumpet?

FINALLY got the news... Maggie's scans are clear.  Trumpet blast!!!!  DododoDOOOOO!

We are still waiting for some urine test results but those should be ok as her blood work came back GREAT.  Her hemoglobin was good, platelets good, white blood cell good.

Her kidney numbers were the lowest in over a year - maybe since 12/09!!  If you have been following Maggie's story - at one point I asked everyone to pray for her Creatinine to be at .7 as it hadn't been that low in quite a while (it was at 1.2 or so then) and God answered our prayers with a .78 and kept Maggie from having a kidney biopsy.   Well, her Creatinine was .5 yesterday!!!  I was seriously excited about that one yesterday.

We are still waiting on a written report of her ecko, but if the nurses remember right it was pretty good there as well.

I did talk to the doc about going to an Endocrinologist and a NeuroPsychologist.  Almost all kids who have the same cancer as Mags end up with an Endocrinologist at some point and well, I have some minor concerns that could be cleared up quickly there and just start a relationship there.  The Neuropsych....well, I have learned that one of the leading neuroblastoma hospitals in the U.S. recommends all of their kids get an evaluation done as we are really not sure what effects the chemo could have long term.  When I was talking to our oncology social worker, she was saying that she wishes that all of the oncology kids would get an evaluation done as well.  Rod thinks that it might be unnecessary.  As a therapist, I know that it "might" be unnecessary too.  I do not see any issues with her right now but parents have reported "issues" popping up years down the road.  I am just afraid to be caught blindsided.

Today at our Beth Moore Bible Study, Beth said (on video) that she was talking to a woman who's mother is a cancer survivor and how during treatment she had no fear, but now that she is past that she gets nervous about every little thing.  I could so relate to that in regards to Maggie.  Then Beth said that "God gives to us based on our NEED not on our FEAR!"  Wow!  How often do we hype things up in our head and God is going to let us go b/c our need is just not there.  Definitely makes me feel stupid and yet reaffirmed at the same time. :)

Yesterday was a LONG day.  Mags fell asleep in the van on the way home and that doesn't normally happen.  Oh, a cute story - when we went back to get the scan actually done, one of the nurses asked me "Now, do you know someone that works at Bremen Hospital?"  (This is where her very first scan was done - where they found the cancer.)  I told her no, but that we live in Bremen and our family doc (who diagnosed her) did do some work there.  She said "I don't know but I worked there and there were tons of emails going around then asking everyone to pray for Maggie."  She might have even been the one to do Maggie's first scan.

A special thank you to Sandy Miller and her boys, Mitchell and Blake for surprising us and coming to hang out with Maggie and I at the hospital.  You made our day!  Thanks for pulling the string and making the nurses jump!  :)   FUN! :)

We don't have to go back in for 6 months!  Maggie is considered now to be ONE YEAR POST TREATMENT AND CANCER FREE! :)  So we move scans and bloodwork to every 6 months!!


  1. That is amazing! God in action once again! PTL!!! (Em)

  2. Yeah!!! So glad that the scans are clear. God is amazing.

    Jen E.

  3. Your blog is just beautiful....so glad that your daughter has been cancer free for so long!

    I also love Beth Moore, hate coffee and have a 6'5" hubby! :) But my drink of choice is Mountain Dew....


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