Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So Excited!

No, they haven't returned to finish the siding and they won't till at least Thursday b/c of rain.  It is sad to say that the house looks better now (in it's half finished state) than it did before.  See what I mean here:  Progress So I am working on patience. :)

I married a wanna be farmer.  Rod  grew up on a farm and I know that there are still days where he wishes that he could drive tractor and watch the world pass by in the serenity of that noisy beastly tractor.  Rod is a farm boy now working in a city world.  He loves his job.  I am a (mostly) small town girl and have been having to learn about the farming world.

Soon after Rod and I became serious, I learned something about his family:  they "DO" their own beef.  I used to say butcher but that isn't fully accurate.  They raise cattle.  They take a cow to the butcher who gives it back in quarters and the Jernas family processes and packages it.  The guys all stand around a table trimming fat off of meat that will soon be ground up and the women package it.  The first time was an eye-opening experience but now it is the norm.

Well, yesterday was beef day.  Rod went back to the family farm to "do beef" and I stayed home to watch the kids and be here when Jared got home.  Our kids are still a little to small to be of good help.  So here is a pic of our freezer.  Sorry that the light in the freezer led to such a poor pic.

So, since Rod had to go that way anyway I asked him to go to one of my favorite stores Bailey's in Starke County.  Ok, if you live anywhere (I do mean ANYWHERE) near northern Indiana then you need to plan a trip to Baileys!  Here it is:  http://baileysdiscountcenter.com/  Yes it is like a 5 acre big Big Lots store.  It is where we purchased both kitchens for our houses.  I wanted to get Cheez Its.  Rod got me that AND more!

Take a look!

He got me 28 cabinet doors!  He and I had been talking about making a headboard for our bed out of a door and we were struggling on agreeing.  (This is key as he won't let me touch tools - which is probably good as I am a klutz!)  So we are going to turn some of these doors into a headboard and he got me some extra to do some other fun things with.  He paid $1 per door.  Not bad, huh?  I guess that they had skids of them.

The other cool things that he got me were cabinet door pulls.  I told him to look at these but neither of them would have guessed that he would find these brushed nickle looking pulls for 3 for $1!!!  Yes, that requires at least 3 exclamation points! :)  So those will be going on our cabinets.  Oh, he bought 30 and Rod said that there was at least 1000 more!  I think I will paint them Oil-Rubbed Bronze! :)

I just finished grading and posting final grades for one of the college classes I am doing and tonite I start another but just thought that I would show a couple of bitty projects I worked on recently.

This is a grapevine wreath that I have had forever but I wanted to spruce it up.  So I added some live moss to it with my handy dandy glue gun and some flowers.  Not sure how to turn it - sorry.  But don't you love that bright green?  The grass around here is just (I do mean JUST) starting to become green again.  Yes, I will do something with that old chair....PROMISE! :)

Here is my grandpa's OLD mirror.  Grandpa was not known for taking good care of things.  So this mirror has been scratched up and so has the wood.  But I love it - I was just never sure what to do with it.  I finally decided to paint it.  Oh, this thing is super heavy!  Weighs more than Maggie and has a very unique chain on the back.  I realized when taping the mirror that it was set up more like a frame around the mirror as the mirror can move a wee bit within the wood.  So I primed it, and then painted it with at least 3 different coats.  Here it is now:
It will go in our master bedroom.  Which I can't show you b/c it is the room that stuff gets shoved into.  :)  That is another project as well!  I love this mirror.  It reminds me of my grandpa.  :)  It does have scratches in the mirror but it is beautiful!

Yep, still don't know how to turn the pic.  The mirror is about 3 feet tall and about 18inches wide.  It is a monster and has a solid wood frame.

All right must go prep for my class I am going to teach and spend sometime with my Maggers.

Go Live BIG! :)

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