Thursday, March 24, 2011

Siding is complete ....

Now onto the next step.

These are pics of our house taken late summer/early fall of 2010.  Remember, when we bought the house 8 years ago, the house was brown like the trim work

Here are a couple of pics taken just a few minutes ago.

The siding guys appeared yesterday at about 9:30 am or so.  I was surprised it was rainy/dreary/damp and not a pleasant day.  However, God kept the rain away and the guys were able to finish.  They are coming back tonite to "clean up" all the debris.

Hopefully the gutter guys will be coming soon to put those up.  Supposedly that should only take like an afternoon or less.

Ok, here's the skinny.  We went to Lowe's and priced new garage doors and new front doors.  If money were no object....the front entry door that I want is priced at over $4000.  The garage door is um... not cheap either.  If you look in the far left of the bottom pic - our garage door is still BROWN.  BLECH!  So in our ever frugal ways...we decided that our doors WORK fine they just LOOK not so hot with the red.  So we will revamp our doors.

Our front door has some sort of molding already on it.  It is a steel door and the paint is peeling on it.  It will have to be sanded and then painted.  I like black but Rod is leaning white.We are then looking at putting some new trimwork/molding on the door to "dress" it up a bit.

Our garage door will also be painted.  Probably white, but I like black as well.  Then we are trying to dream up a design for the trimwork here as well.  We've seen some doors that have like a big "X" on them or multiple "X"s giving it almost a barn door look to it.  What do you think?  Will that make the house look too "barnish"?

Oh, and Rod's bear will be moved to the back yard.  It is just not something I want to be greeting everyone at the front matter how much he loves it.  It can greet our guests at the back door. :)

Cute story.  Last night after church I was praying with the kids before bed.  I said "Thank you Jesus that our siding is done" and Jared muttered that he hated the red.  (I got after him for saying Hate - it seems to be coming from him often lately.)  When I went to tuck him in, he said "don't you want to know why I hate the red?"  "Why do you hate the red?"  "Because I miss the rock  (tears welling up in his eyes and lip curling under)."  (The rock has been gone for a month now.)  "Why do you miss the rock?"  "Because it was different from any other house."  (I think he must have heard me saying how different it was but missed the part of me saying how ugly and dated it was.)  I then told him that we are the only red house in our subdivision and that there is only one other red house like ours in our town.  I then told him that we get to pick out flowers and bushes and plants for around our house now and asked if he wanted to help.  He liked that.

Do you think that the "X"s will look to "barn-like" on the garage?  And seriously, do you know anyone that can do garden/landscape design that is good and not horribly expensive?

I've decided that I really REALLY love the RED!  What do you think?  Somehow, it almost makes the front windows seem much smaller.  It is all an illusion! :)

Live Big!

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  1. i love it! and, i vote black too... in case my vote counts :) i probably would shy away from the x's on the garage door because of the barn effect... but if you guys decide you like that i don't want to be the one who previously said, "that would be ugly." so, i didn't say that. :) but, i wouldn't want it on my garage... i do love the red though! how fun!!!


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