Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our year in review

A year ago, Maggie was in Riley hospital and being transferred from the PICU to the stemcell unit.  We had no idea what caused her symptoms that gave her a plane ride to Indy and a stay at the PICU.  We still do not fully know what happened.

However, we do know of many miracles that God did in 2010.  Maggie remains cancer free and her kidneys have done a lot to improve themselves.  Maggie is on NO medications.  Jared is doing great in school and loves having us all back together.

In many ways, this past year (really almost two years) have been a blur but also I seem to remember every single  minute.  I hope that my memories help me appreciate just how blessed we are.  God has taught me so much thru the last (almost) two years.  I just pray that I remain open to the lessons and I incorporate those new lessons into my life.

So, I have some goals for the 2011 - just like everyone else.  But I hope to share on here how I am progressing in my goals.

1.  Before Maggie was diagnosed, I had started losing weight and was doing pretty good.  The stress of our situation and practically living in the hospital led to me gaining that weight back PLUS some.  So my goal is to get healthy.  Somehow I need to incorporate fitness more into my daily/weekly routine.  Gotta figure that one out.  Never understood people enjoying running.  Looks like torture. (sorry runners!)

2.  Going back to cash!  We had been doing so well with this before ....  anyway we will be living on our budget and we are telling where our money to go.  Can you hear Dave Ramsey coming out?  I love knowing how little we can live on while still living BIG! :)  I love saving money and getting great deals.

3.  This is the most important...Increasing my time with God.  I really want to improve my prayer time.  I want my kids to "catch me" in time with God.  I am tired of my life continuing and all of a sudden I realize that I haven't even prayed about "X".  Or I get so busy that I haven't even talked with God to ask Him to walk this day with me.

4.  I am going to read more.  I found a way to get some books for FREE if I am willing to review them on my blog.  Absolutely love that!  So watch out for that to be coming soon.  :)  I am also reading "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" with Jared and The Little House books with both kids.  LOVE that! :)  Get to relive my childhood with my kids.

5.  I am working on developing me, I guess (?), professionally.  I will be teaching 2 classes for IWU in the next couple of months.  I have at least one other goal that I need to work on that would land in this category - More on that later....maybe. :)

I am sure that there is more but I better stop for now.  That flu bug is still running rampant in our home (Rod is the latest victim - but he is up and moving now) and I must fumigate our home or at least degermify.  Yes, I know that my spell check is highlighting that word but it best grasps what needs to be done.  ;)  Oh, and I must put away the huge pile of blueberry pancakes that the kids and I made this morning into the freezer.

I pray that this year is filled with Blessings and Lessons from God and that we are open to fully grasp them! :)

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