Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Gift

My dear hubby, Rod, is an avid Sunday morning comics reader - altho he reads them Sunday afternoon.  This reading tends to be the only reading that he does unless it is some tech magazine about worship in churches.....but I still love him.  :)

Anyway, the Sunday before Christmas Rod handed me the comics and said "Read Baby Blues.  This is how I feel."

Baby Blues showed the dad in a store and he tells the store clerk that he is looking for a present for his wife that fully expresses how thankful for he is for her.  He goes into much more detail about what he wants this gift to express.  Finally the store clerk looks at him and says "we don't have that here".  The dad says "do you have any push up bras?"

Are you hard to buy for as well?  I guess I have never been one for Christmas lists.  Even as a child, while my sister looked thru catalogs and wrote a LONG, detailed list of all the things she wanted for Christmas, I would simply tell my parents "Surprises".  I wanted to be surprised on Christmas morning as to what was under the wrapping paper.  I think the Christmas list take the surprise (and some fun) out of Christmas.

So, poor Rod struggles trying to come up with a gift for his wife.  We didn't really do much for Christmas presents this year and I think that we were ok with that.  We know that we have all that we need and God has blessed us so much.

So, we said that we would take a get-away together soon.  We haven't done that for almost 2 years.  I'd say it's about time. :)  How do you and your spouse do Christmas?

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