Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling Crafty

Ok, so I decided to get a tiny little crafty project done instead of working on my notes for teaching my class tomorrow evening.  Yes, I am a FABULOUS procrastinator.

So, here is the deal.  My kitchen has a window over the sink and I have a curtain in it that I really don't like.  I have been looking for a new kitchen window curtain as I would meander thru stores.  But I couldn't find one that I liked and was willing to spend the requested price on it.  Then Rod and I started to become more frustrated (me with not finding what I want at the price I want and Rod with me).  So then I began just looking for something that I liked - no matter the cost.  STILL couldn't find anything.

On our little getaway, Rod and I went shopping.  Believe it or not - he likes shopping with me because I am FAST! :)  Plus we were looking at all of the clearance sales going on.  (Yes, my budget is now out of whack but that is for another time.)  I started looking in Target for kitchen curtains.  I don't know if it is just me but I couldn't find any.  I came across these napkins on clearance at Target.
I loved them.  I told Rod that they would look good in the kitchen and I could put them up with those wonderful little clip rings.  He wanted them shorter so that we could watch Jared walk to the bus stop (it's the only window in the house that we can watch from).  So I decided to use fabric tape.

Sorry, the pic won't turn for me.  Trust me.  It is fabric tape.

I thought about taking a pic of me ironing my fabric napkins into my beautiful curtains but I tend to be very VERY clumsy and have enough scars from burns all over my body.  (Like the time that I got a second degree burn on my leg after spilling baked beans down the front of me - but I make really REALLY good baked beans!)

Here is my finished product.

Please overlook the white electric cord that Rod needs to hide.  Also pay no attention that piece of black plastic that is "protecting" the plywood from where the 1970's ugly rock was taken off the outside of the house in anticipation of new siding.

Yeah, I tried.  But I never realized how poor the lighting is.  But you get the affect.    Again, pay no attention to the piece of black plastic.  Or my messy counter that I am also avoiding.

So, that is my project.  What do you think?  It took me longer (almost) to put the "curtains" on the tension rod than it did to iron them.  I did use all 4 so that it would be nice and full.   Sorry, but I am a little proud of my accomplishment - I am really not very (at all) crafty.

Whatcha think?


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