Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Appetite

 Last night I made a turkey for supper.  I always make a turkey at least once a year.  I had gotten my turkey when the stores were running great sales before Thanksgiving and it had been waiting in our freezer.   My guys were not thrilled but I was looking forward to turkey sandwiches.   When I started cutting the turkey, Maggie told me which piece she wanted.

If you look closely you can see a gap where she had recently lost a bottom tooth.  The tooth next to the gap is loose as well.  Mags tried her hardest to eat this big turkey leg.  But it hurt that loose tooth too much to try to take a bite off of that leg.  I ended up having to cut it up into little pieces for her.  But it was the first supper in a while that she gobbled up!

When we put her to bed last night, she told me that she may need a baggy because her tooth was really loose.    We put lost teeth in baggies so that the "tooth fairy" has no problem finding those tiny things in the dark.  I told her to come see me if she does.  Five minutes later she came running out all proud.  Her face had a trace of blood on it from her playing with that tooth till it came out.  Maggie and I put it in a baggy and it went under her pillow.
Here's Mags before school this morning.  Rod took the pic.  I am not quite sure why he had her looking up at him like this...Anyway.....

Seeing Maggie with this turkey leg made me think about appetites and what I have a Big Appetite for.  I want to have a bigger appetite for Loving God and other people.  I want to have a Big Appetite for Jesus.

What do you have a Big Appetite for?

Oh, for those wondering about the Legos.  Jared was upset about it for about a minute until he realized why they had been taken away.  He wants to know when he will get them back and I told him he has to earn them back by showing us that he can have a different attitude.  It helps that this is not the first time that the Legos had been taken as a consequence.  He still has his KNEX which may be taken away also if the attitude returns.

AND if you look at the pic of Mags and her gaping wholes, you will see a big box in the upper left hand corner.  That is our Christmas tree.  I can't (physically) take that prelit 9ft. tree back downstairs by myself and Rod and I seem to keep forgetting about it when he is home.  However, he did remember to get my help to bring in the 8ft X 3.5ft SCOREBOARD and put it in the storage side of our basement.  Everyone needs one of those, right?  PLEASE sense my sarcasm!  He said if felt like Mike and Frank from the show American Pickers when he saved it from going to the trash.  Oh, how I LOVE my husband!

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  1. I like your way of putting it--having an appetite for God. I have been reading a lot lately about hunger and thirsting for righteousness. That must be an acquired taste, right? I certainly hunger after sin more often. I'm praying my appetite for prayer will grow more this week.


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