Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I think that God was laughing at me!

Today I was working on baking for Thanksgiving.  My mom came and hung out with Maggie and me and I should have gotten more down than I did.  My mom took my kids home with her cause she misses them and wants to go nuts while she is preparing to have US over tomorrow for lunch! :)


I am making this pumpkin cake and I need to use the same pan multiple times to bake.  So I put one pan in and go get ready to meet Rod for supper.  I figured that by the time I am ready to go the pan should be done.  I go get ready and LEAVE.  NO, I didn't take the cake out.  TOTALLY FORGOT.

So I meet Rod, we get our food, we are eating.  Then it hits me "I forgot the cake".  Now by this time, the cake has been in the oven for 25 minutes too long.  I run to the car and drive not as fast as I would like to - due to semis and horse trailers and this stupid rain - all of the way home.  I am literally looking over the horizon for smoke coming from the direction of my home.  I drive about 40 mph in my subdivision trying to get to my drive faster.  The whole way home I had prayed and pleaded with God that my house not be damaged - almost to the point of tears.

I pull in  and don't even bother putting my inlaws car into the garage (we have there vehicle b/c I hit a stupid deer one week ago tonite and my van is at the shop) and it is still sitting there.  I look thru the window and do not see smoke.

I open my door and there is no smoke.  I open the oven and pull out the smokeless pumpkin cake and it is done just right.

I call Rod and tell him that everything is ok.  I told him that I wonder if our fancy schmancy oven has an automatic turn off when the timer doesn't get turned off because the oven didn't even seem that hot?  (We had to get this oven b/c we put our oven in our island and it had to be "flat" like our island.  Most ovens have the back that goes up - ours is flat.  So it has a bunch of stuff in it that I don't know how to use and maybe - ok probably most likely - don't even know that it has.)

So do you think that while I was driving following that stupid semi in the rain praying and pleading with God for my house not to be too damaged that He was actually laughing at me?  Do you think that he was hootin' and hollerin' knowing that my oven would turn off on it's own? Somehow, I do.  Wish I could hear it now. :)

I think that sometimes we humans, in our humanity and frailties, are really pretty stinkin' funny.  I think that God has a great sense of humor.  I know that I am pretty hilarious without even trying.  Just ask Rod.  Sometimes we get so worked up over something that God in His Wisdom and Sovereignty has already taken care of.

So,  when has God laughed at you lately?  I shared my embarrassing tale - your turn! :)

By the way this pumpkin cake is going to be FAB!!! :)

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