Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So, I like to go shopping after Halloween.  What do I like to shop for?  Nope, not candy.  I mean, sure, I'd love to have candy around but I really shouldn't.  I'm still looking at all of this excess weight that I gained during Maggie's battle and yep, it ain't goin anywhere - so I definitely don't want to make it any bigger! :)  No, I buy the prepackaged stuff like raisins and cookies etc.  The other day while out I bought 2 bags of individual size boxes of raisins!  Today at CVS, I bought 2 bags of individually packaged bags of pretzels for 3 dollars!  These go great in Jared's lunches or as snacks on the go and the kids feel like it is a real treat.   I would have loved to have grabbed some costumes but I am still not willing to pay the 1/2 price on those costumes!

So here is where I am not really saving money.  I was told that I should get orthopedic inserts b/c of the pain I experience in my shoes.  Well, I am bypassing that to buy some shoes that help my feet without the inserts.  These shoes are pretty expensive, but we figure if I can go without limping and wincing in pain then they might be worth it. Hopefully these shoes will help me to not need surgery down the road.  I figured tho that if I bought the inserts I would probably have to buy new shoes to fit my feet with the inserts anyway......  So right now, I have a pair of "tennis shoes" whatever you want to call them.  They are great.  NO pain.  I also have a pair of Adidas sandals that I wear only around the house.  Again - they are great.  However, I am not generally a tennis shoe type of person.  And they wouldn't "go" with what I wear to church.  Lately church has been my biggest source of foot pain as that is when I want to wear my heals with the pointy toe and within 10 feet of walking I want to cry in pain.  Or I can wear my sandals and well, ummm, it is just too cold for sandals for me.   So I found a pair of shoes that I hoped would work but when I showed them to Rod, he reminded me that this style wouldn't work.   So tomorrow, I get to go shopping and spend lots of money on just one pair of shoes.

Ok, so I would really love to form like a women's group of some sort.  Just a walk thru life together as women who are trying to follow Jesus the best we can kind of a group.  I am looking for women who want to be real and authentic, who want to be challenged and are not afraid of challenging other women and who like good deserts.  :)  I can bake pretty good, I promise.  (hence my weight issue)  Please email me at my email if you are interested. 

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