Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good deal on Toy Story 3 and group

Ok, first of all, I'd like to give more into on what I imagine with this group thing.   I picture getting together once or twice a month (maybe after kiddos are in bed).  I don't want it to be a structured time so that means no Bible Study (I don't want another "to do" added to my list.  I want it to be Christian women who discuss their lives in a inspirational environment where we encourage, challenge and laugh with each other.  So again, let me know if you are interested my email.

Toy Story 3 deal:  This is a fab deal! :)  At CVS if you buy $25 on the P&G items listed on the front page of the add you can get the TS3 dvd for $3.99!  So, I used coupons that I had on Tide laundry detergent, Bounty paper towels, Puffs tissues as well as a CVS coupon for $5 off of $25 and got a great deal.  These are items that we generally need anyway.  I'm saving the video as a Christmas present.  Oh, and it is a REALLY good movie! :)

All right, have fun getting a great deal and let me know if you are interested in the group. :)

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