Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow is falling

Happy December!

Sorry that I haven't posted for awhile....It has been crazy.

Yesterday was Maggie's birthday.  So Sunday we had a friend party.  She had 8 of her friends come over for a Princess tea party!  I think everyone had fun but oh was I tired at the end of the day.  Grandparents came over at the end and we had the family party immediately after.  Seeing those girls all dressed up in Princess costumes and drinking lemonade from my antique tea cups was priceless.

I told Rod Monday night "Five years ago we were packing to go to the hospital for my scheduled C-section".  I can remember not being able to hold her for at least an hour because I had to be given a spinal and I literally couldn't move from my neck down.  So Rod laid her on my chest.  We named her after 3 of her great-grandmothers.  Margaret is for Rod's 2 grandmas (both of their names are derivatives of Margaret) and Laurette is my gramma. My Gramma was a strong woman: surivived polio, abuse and became a Christian late in life - she loved people and Jesus.  She loved to sing.  So does Maggie.  Maggie often sings.  I think she has a lot of my grandma in her. :)

As new parents, we never know the path that our children will take us on.  We don't have a clue all of the life lessons that our children will "teach" us.  I had no clue 5 years ago sitting in the hospital how much I would learn thru my little girl and how God would use some ugly monster cells to bring us all to know His Love in a much more intimate way.

Yesterday my little "big" girl fell asleep in my lap.  I made her take a nap so that she could stay up and watch "Rudolph".  I looked at her in my arms and saw my baby.  Oh how life has changed in 5 years!

What Lessons has God taught you using your children?

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