Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Morning Routines

Yesterday was our first day back to school.  I decided to change up our routine to see how it would go and I think I am liking it.

We used to have the kids
- eat breakfast
- brush teeth and wash their faces
- get dressed (and then I would do Maggie's hair)

But we always seemed to be scrambling.  The reason for this is that Maggie is a VERY slow eater.  Now, it is not that she doesn't like the food - because she does.  She just plays or talks or whatever - she has been known to take over 90 minutes to eat supper.

I noticed, tho, over break that because we were having slower and later mornings (not eating breakfast until 8:30 or 9am) that she was eating faster.

So, I thought if I help her get dressed first that might give her a chance to wake up a little bit before eating.

And I think I was right.

I am still taking the chance that she will go to school with oatmeal or toothpaste on her clothes.  But at least she has food in her tummy and she is dressed.

Today she was taking a bit longer but as soon as I said that I would let her go to school without her hair done she got busy eating.  Silly kid.

Change can be good.....

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