Monday, January 16, 2012

The Mailbox

Sometimes, on those really rare occasions.... I can get one of my kiddos to run to the mailbox and get the mail for me.  When they do, they take one piece out at a time to look and see who it is addressed to.  Then they clumsily bring it up to the house.  I usually know I need to watch the whole time because they often drop envelopes and I would, um, hate to, um, see a bill get, um, lost.


The kiddos absolutely LOVE getting mail.  My mother is great at sending out letters and cards and little notes of encouragement.  I am surprised that the U.S. postal service can't survive on her alone....  kidding....mostly.  ;)

I want to get better at cards and encouragement.  I think that it is a lost art.  In the world of emails and instant messaging, we've lost our personal touch.  The fact that someone takes the time to literally hand write our names brings added meaning to whatever is written.

When Dayspring offered to give me some cards in exchange for a review.... I thought "GREAT!".

But then I got the cards.

They weren't the cheesy kind.  They had real messages that I would actually SAY to someone.  You know? Not the kind of cards that you read and wonder "who in the world says this stuff?"  Ya know what I mean? :)

I really liked them!

Oh, and to be fair....I also got this really cute accordian style  card organizer - this one here - Card Organizer...   Isn't it cute!  But oh, my!  Just another thing that I need to try to get organized.  But so pretty!

Go check it out!  I am really loving Dayspring! :)

Thanks Dayspring!

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  1. Oh I love having cards in my desk so when an occasion arises or someone needs encouragement I can go to that 'card' place and find one. The only thing I have to do more of is keeping stamps available.


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