Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage Saling

On Friday, I met up with my parents and went garage saling.

FIRST we went to the Essenhaus.  They do a garage sale every year and this year was better than years past as they were priced VERY GOOD.  For those of you that aren't local the Essenhaus has an Amish style restaurant and tons of shops.

 I got this wooden crate for 50 cents.  I'm not sure what I will use it for but it is always nice having extra storage.
 Now, don't laugh.  I got this picture for $2.  I am not excited about the print but I think that the frame is gorgeous for $2!  AND it is brand new.
 I got this green "urn" - not sure what to call it - for 50 cents.  Again brand new.  I also got this candle stand/stick for $3 - brand new.
 I love getting Christmas ornaments there as well.  We have a 9ft tree and I love to put oodles on our tree.  Plus we still have our old 7.5 ft tree that we will someday put up in the basement.  Anyway....I think the glitter reindeer was $1, there are 2 bags of gold glitter ornaments for $1/bag (price tag on them said each ornament was originally $2.99 each!) And the box holds a bunch of those icicle ornaments - box was $3.

 I got this plaque for $2.  I liked it cause it said CHOCOLATE! :)

 Then we started hitting some other garage sales. :)  I got this chalkboard for $2 - I DO have a plan for this.
I got this antique mirror for $4.  I have to figure out the perfect spot for this now.  I just love mirrors.  See the sun shining on the carved woodwork at the top?  It matches the woodwork on the bottom. :)

I got a couple of other goodies as well.  Overall it was lots of fun to hang out for the morning with my parents.  We had a good time! :)

Rod actually got home earlier than expected yesterday afternoon and we sat on the deck and watched the kids play in the sprinkler.  It was a nice evening.  :)

Lots of projects in the works.  To be honest, many of them are waiting on Rod as he believes that hanging things on walls requires a "team".   Ummmm.........sure.  So maybe while he is gone I will just do some stuff and live with his evil eye when he gets home!  big grin! :)

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  1. You got some great deals! Love the mirror! I have been looking for one about that size, but I haven't had any luck yet :)


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