Thursday, May 26, 2011

Featured and Update

Can you believe that there are 3 women with their own blogs that think My Lamp is worthy of being featured.  Thank you to   Lisa at Serendipity Chic Design for featuring me.  I'd put her logo up but I couldn't get it to work for me.  Thanks to Debbie at Debbie Doos Blogging  and to Nikki at Thrifty Decorating.  Nikki just redid her daughters room and it is just so cute and I love how it will grow with her.

So, we made it thru the "Crazy 5 days".  In all honesty - it wasn't horrible.  In fact, it was probably easier on me than Rod. :)

Yesterday we did take Maggie to Riley.  Long story short, the cancer she had was on one of her adrenal glands and it was removed.  That little adrenal gland helps to do  a lot of stuff.  Plus the chemo and the cancer has more than likely left other side effects on our girl.

Cancer just really SUCKS.  Sorry mom - I know you hate that word - but it just does.

Maggie is very petite especially compared to other kids her age.  I've heard of other kids who are survivors of her type of cancer who are petite and get some form of human growth hormone to help them catch up (somewhat) to their peers.    We aren't there yet.  I'm praying we never will be.  But yesterday they took an xray of her hand so that they can watch her growth.  So yesterday is her "baseline" picture.

On to fun stuff...

Yesterday night (after traveling home in rain storm) Maggie had her graduation from Preschool. :)

 Here is Maggie and Daddy.  She is holding up her medal and her book that she got.

 Here is Maggie and her teacher Mrs. Holmes.  Mrs. Holmes is great and was really accommodating with Maggie's hearing issues.  She planned lots of fun excursions for the kids. :)
This is Mrs Burkins and is the right hand lady to Mrs Holmes.

Thanks to them and all of the other ladies who help out!

Just wanna shout out to Riley Children's Hospital.  We stopped and saw a bunch of our old docs and nurses - Love them all.  For many of them it was the first time to see Maggie with hair.  Our one stemcell doc about spit out his drink when he realized who Maggie was. :)  I can't imagine doing the work that they do - they are great at it.  But I also know that it is nice to see the survivors - everyone kept saying how good she looked and well compared to how she looked during stemcell transplant.......she looks amazing! :)

Lord, thank you for those reminders of where you bring us from!

Better get working on supper!

OH!  I almost forgot!  In the next couple of days I will be having a really cool giveaway! So "stay tuned"!

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  1. I saw your lamp redo @Thrifty Living, and thought I would stop by and visit. The lamp is beautiful! I love the colors!

    Maggie is adorable & quite the fighter! May God bless you & yours I see he has!


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