Monday, October 11, 2010

Today was just what I needed. 

I ran to get Maggie today and found that my favorite cheap place to get pumpkins was up and running.   I can get decent sized pumpkins for $2!!  I picked out 2, paid and went to pick up Mags.  The kids were so excited.  So after we ate supper, we went to the picnic table to make our "jack-o-lanterns".  Maggie was not too thrilled with touching the "gunk" inside.  Finally, she did it. I will try to post pics maybe tomorrow, but we all had so much fun.  I think that my pumpkin that I carved turned out pretty good.  Then we carried them and put them out at the front door.  Then I told the kids that we should make a pile of leaves. What joy to watch them jump into pile.  Jared would take about a 10 yard running start.  So funny. Then the kids went off to play with the dogs across the street.  I am not sure who got worn out more the dogs or Jared.  :)  Gave the kids  showers and then put them to bed.  Then I got to color my hair! :)  In between I got to watch the end of a chick flick!  Now,  I have been seeing more and more greys in my hair.  I have totally earned each and every one of them and I believe that I have totally earned the right to color them! :)

I have been feeling really discouraged and today was just what I needed.  My sleep deprivation continues so that doesn't help at all.  But there is something completely joyful in seeing bliss in my childrens eyes.  It helped to just be able to laugh as a family and remember what is truly important and that this little issue (that has been bugging me) is not really all that important.  God really knew what I needed at just the right time.  I am not really all that surprised by that  as He has shown himself in the past.

I am totally loving the fact that I made out a list of possible meals to make.  It has made things so much easier!!  I found  a huge list of crock pot recipes - I'll try to post about those sometime.

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