Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I go to take my shower this morning and Rod warns me that it will probably have to be fast as he took a really hot long shower.  After jabs going back and forth between us :) (admittedly, I do the same to him)  I took my shower.  It seemed like every 30 seconds or so I kept turning the heat up until, well, it was as far as it would go.  Obviously it was time to move very quickly and get done and outta there.  When I realized that I was then taking a lukewarm shower, I was reminded about what the Bible says about being Lukewarm and the book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

In Revelations, God says that if we are lukewarm He is going to spit us out.  Chan takes that to mean that if we are lukewarm that we are not true Christians.  And after the conviction of that and how Chan explained it, I agree with him.  Lukewarm water is so frustrating - it can be so deceptive.  Sometimes it feels warmer in spots and just when you start to get comfy it feels cold again.  Do you think that is why God doesn't like lukewarm - because it makes us more confused by the deception?  I am working on staying on fire.  What do you do to stay on fire?

So, Rod is working late again tonite and so I think that the kids and I might make caramel apples!  I got some caramel specifically for making caramel apples at Pinehill.  For you local people, if you don't use Pinehill, you don't know what you are missing!  It is an Amish run store - I actually am friends with the owner, Mary.  Mary buys salvaged items or items that are seasonal.  For ex:  In March one year I bought salsa that had Superbowl advertising all over it.  It was still good and within date but was pulled off the shelf b/c it was past the superbowl and was only $1 (maybe less).  Anyway, great prices on stuff.  If you want more info let me know.  People drive from like an hour radius just to come to this tiny Amish run store! :)

So, caramel apples and being lukewarm.  I think I might need a nap today. Jared had a bad dream and came into bed with us - meaning me.  He only stayed a couple of minutes but it took me 3 hours to get back to sleep.  (Rod says he slept bad - do you think that it was b/c I poked him to make him stop snoring?)  I love that my kids come to me to feel safe, but wish we could relegate the timing of it.  Nap might need to wait as I need to run to the store and get milk....oh and might stop and get hair color.  I am getting a streak of grey!  If you are doing the Esther study by Beth Moore, like I am,  I am not feeling convicted about the vanity of that.  Just so you know! : P

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