Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I love the crockpot.  I have found that I can use the crockpot and save time and money.  I used it yesterday for a new recipe with chicken and white beans.  It was really good.  I got to use items from my stockpile even!  Yes, I am one of those crazy women who buys multiples of items when they are at a really low price - especially of items we use often.  Rod at times makes fun of me....but I think there is a huge part of him that truly appreciates it.  I love the stress free time of 4 o'clock when I use the crock pot cause my meal is already done! :)

I got info that Maggie will be getting all of her vaccinations again.  She is one year (plus a little) so her immune system is hopefully ready to get these immunizations.  She is going to have to get 7 (one is the flu shot)  I haven't told her yet.  I think that we are going to split them up - 3 one time and 4 another.  Then more in another 2 months.  and then more in another.......  Yep just like a baby.  Poor girl. 

I want to say thanks to Erica for being willing to share with my last post - Erica you comment meant tons to me :).  I guess I was hoping for more responses.  Honestly that was a little discouraging.

Just got my first email about Black Friday and what the sales will be.  Hopefully I will get some good ideas for the kids.  Everytime Mags goes to clinic she gets more princess stuff.  I feel like that there can't possibly be anything else made for princesses.  We'll have to see what I can come up

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