Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I absolutely love fall.  I love being able to cuddle under a blanket, wear sweaters, baking, soup making, see the changing colors.....etc.etc. etc....  I love seeing the leaves on the trees and farmers in the field.  I was thinking that one year ago Maggie (and I) were in the hospital right now with her 2nd transplant.  I remember the feeling of almost surprise when I drove home for my quick time with Rod and Jared each week  while I looked at how much had changed in the colors.  

It feels so good to watch the changes as they occur gradually this time instead of all at once. :)  Until I got behind a tractor hauling 2 grain wagons that were fish-tailing on the highway and I couldn't pass.  :)

Just got a phone call from Maggie's doc.  I hate it when the docs call b/c they never call and it is usually bad when they call - but not this time.  She stated again that Maggie's scan showed 'no sign of neuroblastoma' and her urine numbers look good.  Maggie's immune system is also looking good.  Her numbers are not quite normal but they are "good enough" to start on her vaccinations.  Now, I am not necessarily looking forward to doing pokes again but the fact that Maggie's body keeps healing is enormous!!!  At least I don't have to give her these shots.  

I think that I am going to try my hand at menu planning in October.  This is where I will plan a whole months worth of suppers.  That way I know what I need to buy at the store and use up what I have.  I also am not so tempted to order pizza!  So I need to get that done before Friday!

Ok, so God is challenging me to do something and I am struggling.  Not only am I fearful of doing this but also I am not being as self disciplined in following thru.  I have shared with a few people what this challenge is but I am not ready to share with everyone.  Sorry - my fear :)   But please feel free to keep me accountable on my follow thru.

Remember to keep looking for how God is showing Himself to you!

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