Thursday, October 6, 2011

Calling for Help! :)

I have horrible feet. 


It started when I was pregnant.

Nope, take that back.  I have never had good arches.

Then you add the plantar fascitis (sp?) and the neuroma....

Don't ask me what they are, that is what the doctor called my problems.

His solution?  Orthopedic inserts.  Then I found this shoe store that got me fitted with great "tennis shoes".  And the sales lady told me about Danskos.   I canceled my appointment to get my inserts.

I can wear Danskos without feeling pain.  There are very few stores that carry this brand and if they do carry them - they carry very few styles.  I have casual shoes but these shoes do not look "right" with dressier outfits.

So, I can't try these shoes on - they have to be ordered - if I want some dressy shoes.

So which do you like more?



I think that I like the look of the "Rachel" better than the "Becca" but Rachel has a higher heel and it has me a little concerned.

These shoes are much more expensive that I would normally pay.  But living without pain is worth it.  However, I am ordering from the outlet site to bring the price down some.

All right....  opinions please?


  1. I like the top one better, it is more versatile with different looks. Have you looked at Nordstrom either in the store or on line, also you can find them 'as a google search' dansko is exellent in quality.

  2. And of course, I like the bottom one better! I love my Danskos and they last forever! I can't believe I taught the first seven years without them! The last five with them have been lovely!

  3. I like the bottom ones better, but they are both cute. One thing I have found about Danskos is that since they are handmade, you have to try them on to see how they fit. Even the same size of the same style fits differently. I may be too late to let you know this, but if you have to order them online, consider a place that offers free shipping both ways.


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