Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let the madness begin!

No, I haven't changed my mind.  wink

In fact we started yesterday.

Can I tell you that it didn't go as smoothly as I hoped?  There were some rough patches.  Like I didn't make sure that the area was clutter free.  There was still a "fort" in one part of the room.  So we had to pause school and get things cleaned up.  We are still learning as we go what is working for us and what we want to do differently.

Jared is having a hard time with being challenged in his school work.  He is so used to FLYING thru it all in a short period of time and having free time in the classroom.  So, actually having something that isn't what he considers to be "review" is new for him.

Maggie is enjoying doing her work.  She doesn't like doing History, Science or Bible right now and I think that part of it is that it is much harder for her to listen to me reading about subjects that are just harder for her to HEAR.  They use different words than are normally used in the house and it just takes so much more effort for her to follow along.  So it sometimes takes me stopping and making sure she is understanding or using other words or letting her follow along in the book - and many times all of those things at the same time.

Yes, we are starting about 2 weeks ahead of the public schools around us.  Why?  Because I still live in a land of day long MRIs and appointments that take us to Riley or other places - of course they aren't as frequent.  And because I want to know that if we want to take 4 weeks off at Christmas we could.  Not that I am thinking that we will, ... but we could ... if we wanted to.  (smile)

Both of the kids are great readers.  They are devouring books and that is fun to see!  Adding to our personal library is so much fun and the kids enjoy seeing what I find at garage sales! (smile)

Overall tho, I am enjoying it.  I feel tired at the end of the afternoon, tho.  I am being a much more hands on mom but in a different way.  I feel like we are becoming more intentional and purposeful.  Those will be words that I write a whole separate post about in the near future.  This journey that God has our family on is adventurous and difficult and the benefits will hopefully be hearts for Jesus.

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  1. Good for you Rachel! I hope you guys have a wonderful school year!


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