Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A new direction and Last day for the school bus!!!

Today is our last day of school and the first official day of our summer!  YAY!!

To make it even more exciting .....  It is the last day of riding the school bus!

On Monday, we turned in a letter to withdraw our children from public school as we are planning to HOMESCHOOL!

Yep.  You read that right!  I can hardly believe it myself!

There was a pit in my stomach after we sent the letters in - more because of the huge weight of responsibility I felt and just feeling unprepared in who I am.  But I feel excited MORE!

I know, for many people, this is fairly controversial.  That is ok! (smile)  I tend to be a fairly controversial person!  (big smile!)  I could tell you all of the reasons that is leading us on this adventure, but only one reason really matters.


Yes, I am scared!  No, I don't think I am organized to do this.  God usually doesn't ask us to stay comfortable, does he?  He asks us to do something that only HE can fulfill!  He wants us to have BIG faith and to LIVE BIG because of that faith! :)

But I have faith in the God that will remove my fear as we step out in faith and will equip me (us) as we go!

So, my plan is to get back into blogging more as I share about becoming a homeschooling family and what God is doing!

Last but not least....

see the submarine that they are standing under? :)

Happy Anniversary, Rod!  You make me smile!  Thanks for walking this road with me hand in hand!  God definitely blessed me with you!  I am praying that the next years are even more fun! :)  Love you oodles!  And noodles!


  1. So excited for you guys. You're going to do it well, and I'm going to be taking notes. ;)

  2. You'll do awesome! I look forward to reading all about it. I'm working pretty hard with Brianna this summer on thing and am LOVING it and love seeing her excited about working with me. :)

  3. So excited to hear how it goes! Homeschooling rocks! You have two lucky kiddos to have you for a teacher/mom. You'll be great!


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